Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 27, 2012

Homeschool Art Class 1/27/12

Our Homeschool Art Class was a lot of fun today!  Their first project was something I had never seen before.  It was string art from the Huichol Indians.  The children used these sticky 2 layer foam sheets and drew pictures on them with a wooden stick.  Then, they peeled back the out side layer and used string to cover their drawings and make more things in the background.  The idea of using the sticky foam was great and so much easier than trying the same thing with glue. Chelsea and Nick both made geometric designs.  Anthony made an outdoor design with an Indian and Alex did an outdoor design with a deer.  They all turned out so cool!

The second project was using 4 different color papers to create a puzzles.  First they drew a design.  Then they went over it with chalk and then water color paints.

Christian and Lily did some drawings, painted with water colors, and played with the stuffed animals in the basket.

Last they did a pencil drawing of different things that were displayed in the room. It was a very busy class!  Next week, we will get to use the pottery wheel and make something out of clay.  The children can't wait!
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