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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mystery of History Vol 1

This year we are using curriculum in several subjects that we have never used before.  I am writing a post on each one talking about what I liked about the curriculum and why I chose it.  So far I have written about Excellence in Literature and All About Spelling.  Today's focus will be on the Mystery of History Volume 1 Creation to Christ.

I really wanted to find a history curriclum that we could all do together.  For us that is a little challenging because my oldest will be in 10th grade, plus I have children in 4th, 2nd, K and a couple of tag along preschoolers.  I also wanted something that would be biblically based, and would be more than a textbook.  My children learn best and enjoy doing lots of hands on projects.  My 4th grader really enjoys making time lines and doing mapping activities also.  I did not want to have to buy a lot of extras or seperate books or schedules for each level.  We have done quite a bit of American History, but the boys have not done any Ancient History at all.

I had heard of The Mystery of History and started investigating it more.  I got on their website and read a lot of reviews about the curriculum.  I also had the opportunity to briefly look through a book that someone had and decided to go ahead and order it.  I found the best price $39.99 on http://www.christianbook.com/ .  I was so excited when I got the book in the mail a few days later!  Unfortunately it was damaged during shipping, but I contacted Christian Book and they got a new one out to me right away.  After having a chance to look over it thoroughly, I knew I had made the right choice.  It was just what I was looking for!  I took it to a friend of mine who was still looking for history for this year.  Not only did she decided to buy it, she showed it to another friend who order it too.

What I Love:

The book is all you "need" to teach history from K-12 th grade.  There are of course extra resources listed if you would like to go further in depth on certain topics.

Bible lessons correspond with History.

Easy to follow lessons with plenty of hands on activities listed by appropriate ages.

You can pick and choose the activities you want to go along with the lessons.

Plenty of time line and maping exercises including suggestions on making different types of timelines.

We all can work together!  Chelsea will have to go more in depth than the boys but we will all be studying the same topic at the same time.

I never liked history when I went to school, but since I started homeschooling, it is my favorite subject to teach.  I learn a lot by teaching the children and I can't wait to get started with The Mystery of History next month!
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