Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dog Daze of Summer 4 H Workshop

Whew!  It has been a long day for us today.  We had a 4 H workshop that started at 9:30 this morning which meant we had to be up, fed, dressed, and all chores done so we could leave by 9:00.  For the workshop, the children talked about their different kind of pets and listened to a talk on basic pet care.  Then they split up into 2 teams to make homemade doggie treats. 

The dough they made had ingredients like: flour, wheat flour, wheat germ, yeast, powdered milk,salt, and chicken broth.  Then they rolled out the dough and used 4 leaf clover cookie cutters to cut them out.  They were then brushed with egg and milk and baked in the oven.  While we waited for the treats to bake the children played a few games and also got to eat lunch.  After lunch we headed over to our local Animal Shelter to have a tour and donate the dog treats and other things like blankets, rugs, and dog toys that the children collected. 

At the animal shelter they talked about the different kinds of animals they get and why they are getting so many right now.  This morning alone they picked up 30 kittens!  They showed us the equipment that is used when capturing animals.  We got to tour the kennel where the animals are kept and he talked about how they feed, care for, and adopt animals out.I didn't get very many pictures at the shelter because Emelia was asleep in my arms!
Christian petting a puppy

We were finished touring the shelter by 1:45 and we still had to get to Walmart.  Lines we very long at Walmart of course and we stood in line for 30 minutes.  We finally got home about 3:30.  I was planning on making pizza for supper tonight, but I am worn out!  I am ordering pizza from Pizza Pro instead ($4.99 for a large cheese, can't beat that!)  It was a fun, educational, busy day!
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