Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4 H Sewing Workshop 2011

Every summer, 4 H does a sewing workshop for ages 9 and up.  Each year they tackle a different project with the help of some volunteers from the Extension Homemakers.  In the past we have made pajama pants, hand bags, shirts, rag quilts, and several different home furnishings items.  This year they made pillowcases and aprons.  All of the material and supplies were donated  and there was plenty of fabric to choose from.  The girls got to keep one of the pillowcases and then made and donated several to Arkansas Children's Hospital.  Here is the pillowcase Chelsea kept and also her apron.

In addition to the sewing workshop, Chelsea has been working on a sewing project at home too.  She picked out a skirt pattern and material when we were visiting my mom and has been working on the skirt (I hope our Walmart gets fabric back.)  She had some trouble with part of it and got some help from the ladies at the workshop.  She finished it up today.

She did a great job on it!  She is very creative and becoming very talented at sewing!  She will enter all three of these items in the fair and also a rag quilt that she made.
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