Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dog Sitting

For the next week, we have 3 four legged house guests.  My mom and dad had to go out of town, so we are dog sitting their three dogs Misty, Shania, and Jackson.  We have 2 dogs already, but they are outside and are chained up.  Our house is on 11 acres and Misty and Shania are used to a fenced in yard, so we have to walk them on a leash (Jackson will only go where he is told.)  I was worried the dogs wouldn't adjust very well to my dad being gone (they follow him everywhere), but they are being good and spoiled by the children and coping just fine.

This is Misty.  She is a Yorkie-poo and is almost 10 years old.  She had an accident a few months ago and has lost some vision in one of her eyes, but she is coping well.  She is making herself right at home.

Jackson is 11 years old and has recently been diagnosed with cancer in his shoulder.  He is a great dog especially around kids.  My parents have decided against radical treatment (amputation was an option) and are just going to keep him comfortable.  He gets an anti inflammatory and a pain pill every day mixed into ice cream (the other dogs get ice cream too so they don't feel left out.) Hopefully when his time comes he will just go to sleep.  He loves having the kids around and has been acting like a puppy since he got here.

This is Shania a 9 year old German Shepherd who was born with a hip problem.  She is my dad's baby and pines for him when he is not home, but she id doing well.  She likes to be away from a lot of noise and likes to keep to herself so she is downstairs in our almost finished family room (hoping to be done in the next week or two!)

The children have been doing a great job taking care of the dogs.  Chelsea has even given up her bed to sleep in the living room with them.  The boys help fill their water dishes and walking them and Lily even gives their bones when they come inside (she did try to give Shania 5 bones one time but I caught her.)  Even though they like being around the kids, I am sure the dogs will be very happy to see Papa next week.
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