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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Homeschool Crew Review: Drive Thru History Adventures

Drive Thru History Adventures  
We absolutely loved Drive Thru History when we reviewed The Gospels last year.  We were thrilled to have an opportunity to review the brand new Drive Thru History Adventures .  We received a one year subscription to use and review.

Drive Thru History Adventures

A subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures gives you access to three online courses: Ancient History, Bible History, and American History.  You will have access to all of the videos which include 18 episodes in Bible History and 12 episodes in Ancient and American History, plus curriculum with suggested readings and questions to answer after each episode.  You also have access to Adventures TV through your dashboard on your computer or an app for your phones or tablets (available on both Apple and Android.)  Adventures TV includes more videos, road trips, bloopers, behind the scenes and more.  You also have an opportunity to join the private Facebook group for subscribers. An annual subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures is $124.99 and includes a free DVD set of The Gospels (with coupon code.)  Or you can subscribe monthly for $12.99 a month.  Drive Thru History Adventures offers a free 7 day trial with no credit card required.

Using Drive Thru History Adventures is very easy.  Once you set up your account and log in you are taken to your dashboard.

From there you choose where you want to go.  The curriculum tab gives you an option to choose a video in any of the sections: Bible, American, or Ancient History.  Bible History explores the life of Jesus as covered in the Gospels.  American History covers Columbus to the Constitution and Ancient History goes through the empires of Rome, Greece, and Asia Minor.

Once you choose your episode, it takes you to a page where you can watch the video, read a summary, view a suggested reading, read a side road related to the video, read through discussion questions, and any digging deeper articles.  There are also links to PDF downloads of the worksheets, answers, and suggested reading.

Drive Thru History Adventures
If you'd rather go straight to suggested reading, questions, side roads, expert papers, etc...you can choose the resources tab.

The community tab takes you to social media posts.

The account tab shows you when your subscription started and ends and gives you an opportunity to change your password.

The Adventures TV tab takes you to a new screen on your computer that gives you access to all of the same things as your dashboard.  It's main purpose is to allow you to use Drive Thru History Adventures through an app on your phone or tablet.  It is very easy to download the app and set up your account.  Through the app you can stream all of the episodes of Drive Thru History, Dave's Adventures, Side Roads, Behind the Scenes, and Dig Deeper, allowing you to take Drive Thru History Adventures on the go.

Drive Thru History is amazing!  Through these videos, the viewer is taken on a road trip to learn about amazing people and places from history. Dave Stotts is a very entertaining host whose quirky actions and humor keeps the attention of all my children but at the same time has a seriousness about him and the topics he is covering when appropriate.  Drive Thru History is the best documentary type show that we have ever seen that really brings history to life.  After watching The Gospels last year, we knew we had to see more.  So I purchased the American History DVDs to go along with our history curriculum this year.  We loved them and couldn't wait to get started on the Ancient History series through Drive Thru History Adventures.

I have been using this curriculum with my 6,8,10,12, and 14 year olds.  We have been watching one video per week by streaming them on the computer.  The Ancient History videos are around 45 minutes each.  Following the videos we go through the questions.  I have the children answer them orally.  We also have watched many of the Side Road, Dave's Adventures, and Behind the Scenes Videos.  Ancient History contains the following episodes:

Episode 1: The Rise of Western Culture
Episode 2: The Age of Conflict
Episode 3: A Time of Challenges
Episode 4: Roots of Democracy
Episode 5: Challenges of a New Religion
Episode 6: The Spread of Christianity
Episode 7: East Meets West
Episode 8: Ruins and Romans
Episode 9: The Advancement of Knowledge
Episode 10: Heart of Stone
Episode 11: Constantine and Constantinople
Episode 12: The Best of the Ancient World

 Our internet is VERY slow because we live outside of town. If there was one thing I would change about where we live, it would be the internet.  One of the first things I appreciated about Drive Thru History Adventures was that I had the option to change the quality of the picture.  By choosing the lowest, 360p, we can watch the entire video without having to keep pausing and waiting for it to load, and the picture is still very clear.  I also was impressed with the way the website was set up and how easy it is to find everything.

The children love the Dave's Adventures and Side Road videos.  We have watched the History of Cheese, History of President's Day, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and more.  I have enjoyed being part of the Facebook Group and all of the information that is posted there.

The curriculum portion with the suggested readings and questions to answer are a great addition to the videos.  For older children you can assign them to complete these independently or have younger children do them aloud.  When my boys were answering the question about the founding of Rome, they answered it just like it was explained on the video, they even mimicked Dave's voice while telling the story...

 Adventures TV makes it possible for you to learn on the go.  We have not used the app very much because we all have been watching it together on the computer, but if you have a child working independently this is a great way for them to be able to watch on a phone or tablet anywhere they have an internet connection.

We have become huge Drive Thru History Fans.  The children and I have learned so much by watching these videos and look forward to it every week. I love all of the components that have turned these wonderful videos into more of a curriculum and that with Drive Thru History Adventures you get so many aspects of history all in one place. I cannot wait for the new episodes of Acts to Revelation to come out later this year, but until then will continue soaking up all of the history we can in Ancient History.

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