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Our Family

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 23

Lots of rain this week.  Not just a little bit of rain, but down pouring, road flooding rain.  We spent a lot of time indoors, but the children did get out during some breaks in the rain and of course had to go out to do their animal chores.  Alex had to do a bit of digging in the rain to help the chicken and goat pens drain better when they started to flood.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, I hope it is bright and sunny!

Monday the public schools were closed for President's Day, but we had school at home.  I woke up not feeling well, but hoped it would pass.  We made it through our school work and lunch.  I went and laid down for awhile.  The boys had a 4 H meeting in the afternoon and one of our outside cats, Marshmallow had to be dropped off to the vet to get fixed, so off we went to town in the afternoon.  We dropped off the boys and the cat and then went to the park to play before the rain started.  I went back to bed when we got home and stayed there pretty much until Wednesday morning,  Art had to come home from work on Tuesday to provide transportation to the children.  The girls had a dentist appointment (Lily needed a tooth pulled and Emmie needed sealants) and then Nick had to be dropped off and picked up from school and the girls had to go to gymnastics. We did not get much school completed that day.  The rest of the week was pretty normal, minus the ability to really get outside and play.

Week 23 in our Homeschool

Bible: We are still working our way through Know Who You Are, Live Like it Matters

Read Aloud: We read 3 chapters of Off the Edge of the Map.

History: We read lesson 25 in America's Story and watched episode 2 in Drive Thru History Ancient History.  We also watched a short video on the history of President's Day.

Geography: This week we learned about Afghanistan.

Music Appreciation: I just received Music Appreciation Book One from Memoria Press to review.  This week we did lesson one on Handel's Water Music and form.  We also worked on a file folder of the Orchestra from Home School in the Woods, another upcoming review.

Math: The children did 3 lessons in MLFLE and Christian completed several pages of Math Mammoth.  I have already started looking for math for next year.  I think Lily and Emmie will continue with MLFLE as it seems a really good fit for them.  Anthony is on the last book in the series and the curriculum they recommend next will not be a good fit for him.  I have no idea what I'm doing for Christian or Alex.

Language Arts: The boys continued on their section of On Your Own Animal Fantasy in Readers in Residence.  Lily's grammar lessons this week were on synonyms.

Spelling/Reading: The boys finished step 5 in AAS Level 5.  Lily completed lesson 24 in AAR Level 4 and Emmie completed lesson 37 in AAR Level 1. 

Science: I have done a really bad job using our science curriculum this year.  It has been so hit and miss all year. It's not that it is a bad curriculum, I just never remember to pick up the supplies we need for the experiments and the children (and me too) are finding just the readings a but boring.  So... we will be starting something new as soon as it arrives.  I am on a review for Apologia's Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology which I did with Nick and Alex a few years ago, but none of the other children have done it.  Since I am getting the book, notebooking journals, and mP3 CD as part of the review, I did something I have never done and bought the experiment kit that gives you everything you need to do all of the experiments.  I am hoping having the kit will help make my life easier and get us back into science!!!  We do do a lot of STEM activities but I really would like to get back into a curriculum all of the younger children can enjoy.  While I was ordering stuff I also ordered the next Volume in America's Story since we have almost finished Vol 1 and a new handwriting book for Emmie.

Other Activities this Week:

Monday the 4 younger children played at the park while Nick and Alex had their 4 H meeting.

Tuesday the girls had gymnastics.

Wednesday we had Kid's Club. Our lesson theme was God Hears our Prayers.  The Scripture lesson was on Hannah.  Some of our activities included making homemade stethoscopes and prayer vaults.

Thursday Lily had piano and then the girls had ballet.

I picked up a little booster seat for Liam since I do not have a high chair.  The children enjoyed being able to feed him. 

The 4 H cookie and bread contest is Monday.  Christian and Alex started making their entries on Saturday.  My Kitchenaid mixer started getting really hot and had a burning smell when making the cinnamon roll dough.  I am hoping it just got too hot and will be fine.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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