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Our Family

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Books We Read in February

 I'm trying to find some new series for the boys to read.  It's not easy looking for books these days, you never know what might be in there and I cannot read everything before they do.  It's hard to keep them in books!  The library had some Chuck Black books we may try those out this month.

Read Alouds for February

Morning Read Alouds:

Merriweather Lewis Off the Edge of the Map by Janet and Geoff Benge
Brady by Jean Fritz

Evening Read Alouds

Ember Falls by SD Smith (waiting for Book 3 to come out)

The Paper Boat by Trish White Preibe and Jerry B Jenkins- This was the third book in the series.  We had read the other two quite awhile ago and forgotten about it but when we were looking for something to read decided to finish the series.  We were not that impressed.

The Door in the Dragon's Throat by Frank Peretti- Not at all what I expected.  They liked it but I'm not sure if I will look for more.

The Girls Read Alouds

I usually do a picture book for them after reading from the boys read alouds, but Lily really wanted Emmie to hear the Circle C Beginnings Books because Emmie is not ready to read them on her own so I have been reading through those.  Lily things Susan K. Marlow is the best author in the world. In February we read

Andi's Pony Trouble
Andi's Indian Summer
Andi's Fair Surprise

Lily's Books
Circle C Stepping Stones
The first two Samantha American Girl Books
Scooby Doo

Christian's Books
Gregor the Overlander all 5 books in the series

He finished Charlotte's Web (school assignment)

Finished Charlotte's Web
How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

Alex's Books
Lord of the Rings (I have to confess you know how much I love to read to my children but even though they wanted me to read these aloud, I cannot bring myself to do it.I read them aloud once to Chelsea years ago and it was the most painful read alouds ever and took me forever!!)

Nick's Books
He finished The Art of War (school assignment) and started Julius Caesar (he's not really excited about reading that one.)

Mom's Books
Parenting Made Practical (review)
The of Highland Hall. The Daughter of Highland Hall, Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky
 Sisters of the Quilt Series by Cindy Woodsmall
Room for Hope Kim Vogel Sawyer (not the first time I've read that it's one of my favorites)

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