Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Break

The week before spring break was a rough one.  I have never looked so forward to taking a break before.  We were still busy over the break, but with no school at home, and no driving Nick back and forth to school, I did get a bit of a breather.  Things did not go quite as planned over the break, but we had some fun.

My zoo passes are expiring at the end of March.  It is more then worth it for us to buy a pass.  We only have to go one time for it to pay for itself, plus we get free parking, 4 free ride passes, and discounts on food and at the gift shop.  Before it expired we wanted to go back one more time and take Chelsea and Liam with us.  Since Nick has his one class at school we had to wait until he had a day off.  We checked the weather and planned to go the first day of spring break, Monday.  Since we would be leaving early in the morning and Chelsea lives 20 minutes in the wrong direction, she and the baby were going to sleep over Sunday night so we could leave bright and early Monday.  I went and picked them up right before bed Sunday, got them to the house, unloaded Liam from his car seat to discover he was burning up with fever.  Took his temp and it was 102.  They went back home and zoo plans were postponed.

I had some disappointed children, so on Monday afternoon we took our lunch and went over to Narrows Dam and ate and played for a few hours. 

Monday afternoon Liam's fever broke and he seemed back to himself.  The girls had a make-up ballet lesson for one of the days the teacher was out sick.  Tuesday evening Chelsea and Liam came back over for zoo trip take 2.

When we got up on Wednesday morning it was only 35 degrees!! By the time we got to the zoo it was 50.  I had on two shirts and a coat and was still cold.  I was never so glad to spend time in the reptile house as I was that day!  By the time we had lunch it had warmed up to almost 60 and we weren't freezing.  It was a really good trip and everyone had a good time.  The baby was very well behaved and we enjoyed getting to see the animals.  Many of them were very active.  We saw an otter climb a tree.  We love the otters and stayed and watched them for a long time.  They also love the family farm, which I find funny because we see those animals every day! 

This possum was on top of the monkey enclosure....very odd

Thursday Lily had piano and they both had ballet.

Friday we had our regular grocery shopping and errands to run but we were able to do those in the morning and get them over with.  I cleaned out the girls closet and went through clothing.

The girls decided to do some archery.

Saturday Liam's mommy and daddy both had to work so he spent the day with us.  He was a happy little guy.

When he went home late Saturday afternoon and Nick got home from work we packed a picnic supper and headed over to Lake Greeson to eat and do some fishing.  Alex was the only one to catch anything but we had a good time.  It was a beautiful evening.

Emmie and Lily thought this rock was perfect for a picnic

In other news, we made a few changes in the house.  First no TV after supper.  During the winter it gets dark so early we tend to watch more TV.  Now that the days are longer and the weather is better, I am not letting them turn it on.  This has been a very good change, they are staying outside more and when inside doing more constructive things.  I have also gone back to being strict about bedtimes.  I have always been a big believer in early bedtimes, but have been letting that slide here lately.  That was a mistake.  This week I have made it a priority to make sure the children are ready for bed on time and it has a made a difference, especially for Emmie. Also, my husband gave his notice at the job he has worked for 15 years.  He has accepted a position with another company that will hopefully be a good change for him.  He starts his new job April 9th.

Back to school for us tomorrow!

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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