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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Homeschool Crew Review: CursiveLogic

CursiveLogic was developed by Linda Shrewsbury after she worked with a young adult who wanted to learn how to sign his name. By studying the cursive alphabet she discovered a pattern that she had never noticed before and developed a method that allowed students to be able to learn and master cursive. For the last several weeks we have had an opportunity to use and review the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive.
The CursiveLogic method teaches letter groups that have similar shapes.  Each of the shape strings uses a different color and a chant that describes the writing motion the student uses when forming the letter. Instead of teaching letters individually students start learning to connect the strings of letters right away.  They learn the lowercase alphabet first in about four weeks. Then they use the next six weeks to learn the capital letters and reinforce skills already taught. 

Cursive Logic New Edition

The CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack includes the 112 page spiral bound workbook and a 50 minute webinar explaining the CursiveLogic method step by step.  The workbook contains all of the teaching instructions and the pages for the student to write on.  It also has 3 dry erase pages for repeat practice. The book is consumable and you will need one for each student.

After purchasing the Quick-Start Pack you will receive an email within 24 hours with the webinar link.  You have access to the webinar for up to 6 months after the purchase date.  The webinar takes you step by step through the CursiveLogic method.  It takes around 50 minutes to watch.  It is streamed and can be watched on any device that has an internet connection.  I watched it from my phone.  It really is only necessary for the teacher to watch the webinar but if you have an older student they may be interested in watching it as well.

The Art of Cursive Logic

The Art of Cursive is not a curriculum.  It is a coloring book with cursive woven throughout it.  It has 4 brief lessons on the lowercase cursive alphabet and a reference sheet with the capital letters.  There are 27 different pictures to color with corresponding sayings to trace and write.  The Art of Cursive is for adults or students who have completed the CursiveLogic Workbook.  The pages in the book are very thick allowing you to use markers or gel pens and they won't bleed through.  I used the Art of Cursive myself.  It was fun to color and practice my writing.

I have been using CursiveLogic with my 14 year old son.  He learned some cursive when he was younger, but without practice has forgotten most of it.  Several weeks ago he needed to sign his name on some paperwork and commented that he wished his writing was better.  Right after that we had an opportunity for this review.

This is the second time I have reviewed CursiveLogic.  The first was back in 2015 with my son Nicholas.  The workbook has been updated since then, but the method is still the same.  One of the biggest improvement is the way the book is set up.  Rather then flipping back and forth on the pages, all of the lowercase lessons are on one side of the page and then when you start the uppercase letters you flip the book and work on the other side of the page.  Also instead of labeling the lessons with 1.1, 1.2, 1.3,  etc..they are labeled Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.  

The CursiveLogic method makes so much sense I can't believe that children haven't been learning this way all along.  I hate to state the obvious, but it is a very logical way to teach cursive.  Grouping similarly shaped letters together and color coordinating them while teaching a chant to form the letters was a brilliant idea.  The process is simple and can be done in minutes a day with no frustration.  Older students really can work through the book independently and after just 10 weeks master the cursive alphabet and have beautiful handwriting.  Even the design of the book is wonderful.  I love spiral bound books because they can lay flat on the table.  This book has the spiral binding at the top so it will not get in the way of writing for left or right handed people.

I would recommend CursiveLogic especially if you have an older child that never learned cursive or that needs a refresher.  It simplifies learning cursive allowing them to learn quickly and the lessons do not take much time to go through.  It would also be good for younger children that are just learning.

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