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Our Family

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Week in Review (Aug 10-15)

We dropped this week from temps in the 100's down to temps in the upper 90's and wow what a difference!  It has felt so much nicer outside, although we do need some rain.

In the garden we have done really well with tomatoes this year.  We also have gotten plenty of cucumbers, cantaloupe, and eggplant.  So far we have grown three large watermelon and the vines are still flowering.  Our pumpkins did not make it and out of three different kinds of squash we only ever grew one!  Green peppers are just now starting to grow.  I have had to water the garden every day for the last month or so because we have been so hot and have had no rain.

This week has not been as busy as others have this summer, and honestly I need a bit of a break before the craziness of fall activities begins.  Monday we did have archery but I did not get any pictures.  Monday night Alex and I served on the 4 H planning committee and had to leave that meeting a bit early to attend a homeschool meeting.  Thursday we had a 4 H meeting at the library.

In our homeschool this week we finished up Project Passport Ancient Egypt.  This was a really great study that we enjoyed doing.  Anthony and Christian finished lessons 34 and 35 in All About Reading Level 2.  Lily worked on First Start Reading.  Nicholas is working on When Worlds Collide.  Miss Emelia is loving her Horizon's Preschool (my review will be posting this week) and completed three lessons.  This was our last week of "summer school."  We will be taking a two week vacation (with the exception of a couple of review items that I will get ready to get started on) and then will start slowly easing our way back into our regular school year.

Truthfully, I am not completely ready for the new school year to start.  There are some things I still need to order and a couple of minor decisions I need to make.  I have started getting notebooks ready but do not have them completed.  The school room is not completely ready, but I did clean out and empty each of the children's crates from last year and reorganized arts and crafts supplies, so I guess I am making progress :)  It seems like every year goes by just a little faster!

Happy Homeschooling!
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