Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 14, 2015

August 4 H Nature Seekers Meeting

For our 4 H meeting this month, I was looking for an indoor idea :) It has been so hot!  I was also trying to think of a local place that the children could take a tour of and decided to ask the librarian if we could do a tour of the library.

I had 13 children at the meeting, up a little from the last couple of meetings, but still lower than we had been last fall.  We have a pretty small library but bigger than others in the area,  Our librarian talked to the children about the different types of books we have and where they are located in the library.  She also talked about borrowing books through inter-library loan and the importance of taking good care of the books that are borrowed.  She talked about library cards, how many books can be checked out, and the fines for them not being returned on time.

Then we did a walk around tour of the children's areas of the library pointing out the special collections like the 4 H collection that was purchased by 4 H and has books for some of the different project areas.

After that we made a bookmark craft that I had brought for the club.

Each of the children were given a bag with an activity book about the library, a magic pencil, and very exciting to my older boys a pair of ear buds.

We checked out a few books and off we went.  Next month we will be doing a meeting on fish ID and fishing at Grandview.

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