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Our Family

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 5

In this week's wrap up, I am starting with Lily only because I usually put her last and I wonder if everyone reads all the way to the end of my posts (you do don't you?)

Some pf you may remember that O made the last minute decision of buying My Father's World God's Creation From A to Z and I am so glad I did!  We LOVE it!  After the intro unit which is 10 days on the Creation of the World, there are 26 units that are 6 days each.  We usually only do school 4 days per week, but Lily has been asking to do school work on Fridays as well.  This week we finished the first unit which focuses on the letter "S", the sun, and Jesus is the light of the world.  Some of the activities we did were: painted the sun, made a sun dial, watched grapes transform into raisins, read books about the sun, plus completed some letter activities and worksheets on the letter "S" and the number one.  Also we are working on an activity that teaches children how to count to 100 by putting a straw in a cup every day and writing the corresponding number on a chart, and we are learning about the calender.  For each unit you also make a badge related to that unit.  We made the sun badge for unit one and we decided we were going to put all of the badges on a piece of string and hang it in the school room.

Now on to everyone else.  For Bible this week we continued on to What On Earth Can I Do? We are still working through Chapter 4 on Where Is Your Treasure?  We also have been reading aloud some new books I received to review from iWitness books from Apologia starting with iWitness Biblical Archaeology.

Emmie coloring in WOECID while I read

In MOH Vol III we completed lessons 4,5,and 6 and did the corresponding map work, memory cards, and added the new timeline figures to our time line.  While I was reading one day, Anthony found something nice and quiet and creative to do.

In Science we had a little bit of reading to finish up in Chapter 3 of Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics, plus a vocab assignment in the journals.  We also did a fun little science experiment.

Not an assignment in our books, but we watched Flubber the other day so of course we had to make some.

For Literature and Writing all we did this week was to finish up our lessons that we were a day behind on last week because of our co-op.  I could've doubled up this week, but we had a field trip so we were going to have no school one day this week as well and it was just easier to play catch up.  The older boys did a final copy of their IEW papers and lesson 4 in Fix IT Grammar, and Christian did his Thursday worksheet in Lightning Lit and wrote a story on his 3 important things.  Anthony did his Thursday worksheet in Lightning Lit third grade and wrote a story about his favorite room in the house.

In Spelling Anthony and Christian finished step 3 in AAS Level 2 and Alex finished step 15 in AAS Level 4.

In math, each child moves up one lesson per week.

We have a new review to learn Chinese. Alex is working on that with me.

Other activities this week:

Monday Nick and Alex had their first soccer game.  Christian was supposed to play his first on Thursday and Nick and Alex were supposed to play again, but they got rained out.

Lily had gymnastics on Tuesday.

Thursday we had a great time at the Ka-do-ha Indian village.

Saturday I finished up a sewing project of a tablecloth, plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, pears, and carrots for the girls (and Christian plays with them too.)  Lily was very helpful sewing things closed by hand after the were stuffed.  They have had a great time playing with them so far.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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