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Our Family

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 3

This week was of course Labor Day and the beginning of our county fair.  Monday we had to go up to the fair and deliver rabbits and set up our fair booth.  They also allowed those who had livestock to check in their other exhibits a day early since we had to be up there anyway, so we loaded al of that stuff up there too.  It was hot!  But honestly not as hot as other years.  While we were there, the children got to hold and feed a baby squirrel which is not something you get to do every day.

Tuesday morning we headed back to town.  We had several other errands to run as well as going back to the fair to take care of rabbits and make a few adjustments to the fair booth.  We also made a trip to the library while we were there.  We got home in time for lunch and even got some school done!  Wednesday we stayed home!  Thursday we were back at the fair and had two soccer practices.  I also squeezed in some grocery shopping while Art sat at the field with the boys.  Friday we got to stay home and Chelsea had many photographs of herself taken for a portrait a gentleman from our church wants to do of her.  Saturday we were back at the fair for clean up.

So what did we do in school?

This week we added in spelling so we are up to a full afternoon school schedule.  I was very glad that the boys remembered so many of the rules they learned last year!

In literature we read Umbrella which we had never heard of before.  We liked it ok but not as well as some others.  The paper Christian wrote was supposed to be a story you wanted a younger sibling to remember.  He write about hatching chicks.

Even moved ahead one lesson in Math U See.  Nick and Alex moved on to the next lesson in their IEW Medieval History writing adding in some more stylistic techniques.  Having Nick and Alex using two different grammar programs adds more to my day, so I am thinking that Alex will just start using IEW Fix It along with Nick and stop using the Junior Analytical Grammar just to make things easier.

Lily is still working through Creation in My Father's World.  She has gone through Day 5.  I really wanted to have her work on it all weekend, just to get it done, but I do not want to rush through it. We are not in a race with anyone, and I want her to enjoy it and move at our own pace.

We also built some Lego robots.  This week we did Drumming Monkeys and a Hungry Alligator.

Next week we are up to a full schedule and we also have a gymnastics class, soccer practices, science and art co-op, and  shop class.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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