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Our Family

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 4

Soccer on Monday, Gymnastics on Tuesday, Co-op on Wednesday, Soccer on Thursday, Shop Class on Friday, Church on Sunday, when will I socialize the children?

Just kidding.  A better question might be when will I homeschool the children?  Thankfully there is educational value in just about everything and even though we had a very busy week,we did manage to get some HOMEschooling done too.

This week we were back to a full homeschool schedule including: Bible, Science (2 days per week), History (2 days per week), Latin, Spelling, Grammar, Writing, Literature, and Math.  Bible, History, and Science are all done in the morning and everything else is completed in the afternoon.  It does take a bit of juggling to get it all in, but we get it done.  This week being our first week back to a full schedule we did have to make a few adjustments and had an interruption and meltdown or two, but overall the week went fairly well.

On the homeschool side this is what we accomplished this week:

History: 1st three lessons in Mystery of History Vol III.  We read the lessons, made memory cards for each lesson, completed the mapping assignments, and added the time line figures to our timeline board.

Science:  We reviewed Exploring Creation with Chemistry and physics last year and after the reveiw period we set it aside to finish up Land Animals.  So this week we picked up where we left off in Lesson 3.  We completed the readings, notebook assignments, and an experiment or two.  We even made a Periodic Table of Elements from sugar cookies this week-end, which was a lot of fun!

Bible: We started What On Earth Can I Do? last year and we picked up where we left off.  We read about the Generous Employer (parable of Jesus) and began Chapter 4 on Where is Your Treasure?  We also completed a few of the corresponding notebooking assignments.

Math: Each child completed a new lesson.

Spelling and Grammar: Anthony and Christian completed Step 2 of Level 2 of All About Spelling and read the corresponding story in the All About Reading Reader.  Alex completed Step 15 of Level 4 of All About Spelling.  Nick and Alex completed Lesson 2 of Fix It Grammar The Nose Tree.

Writing/Literature: Nick and Alex completed Lesson 3 in IEW Medieval History Writing.  They wrote a key word outline and paragraghs on The Archbishop of Canterbury.  Christian read The Important Book , did his Lightning Lit grade 1 assignments, and is working on writing about 3 Important Things.  We did not get this assignment finished because we missed Wednesday for the co-op.  Anthony started working on Lightning Lit Grade 3.  We have been reading from Sara Plain and Tall.  I read the chapters aloud to him and he completes the corresponding worksheets.  He is working on a paper of one of his favorite places.  He did not finish this assignment either because of the co-op so we will be finishing this week.

Kindergarten: Lily is using My Father's World God's Creation From A to Z.  We finished the intro unit on creation on Tuesday and Thursday was our first day of the first unit on the sun.  So far we are loving My Father's World.  One of the things I love is that the days are numbered and not designatd by days of the week.  So if you miss a day you don't feel at all like you are behind and have to catch up, you just go on to the next day.  I love that!

Other activities this week:

I did not get any soccer pictures, but I will when the games get started.  Nick, Alex, and Christian are playing soccer. Lily went to her first gymnastics class and she loved it!  The van quit on us at Walmart after gymnastics but thankfully Art works across the street and was able to come over and it was only the battery and nothing major!

Our co-op at Grandview on Wednesday was a lot of fun!

Friday we had our first once a month shop class.  This month they were learning about plumbing and got to make a sling shot out of PVC pipes.  Nick, Alex, Anthony, Christian, and Lily all participated in the co-op.  Chelsea doesn't have classes on Friday so she hung out with them at the co-op and Emmie and I went grocery shopping.  The children had a great time!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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