Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 5, 2014

2014 County Fair

The children put several things in the county fair this year.  I usually limit them to 5 things, plus their animal, and jam and jelly that we made at the work shop.  This year though, Christian entered more than 5 things since he packed his own box and Chelsea was handling the entries while I was putting up the booth.

For the first time ever one of my children earned a Best of Show ribbon for their animal.  Christian won Best of Show for the junior rabbit division with Elsa, our female New Zealand.

Our male New Zealand, Snow got first place.

Our other rabbit, Olaf, who is a mixed breed also won first place.

Chelsea entered her dress and some canned goods.  She got first place on all of those.

Several of the children entered similar things and they were beside each other so I didn't take more than one photo but here is what they entered:

Nick: peach jam 1st , blackberry jelly 2nd , puzzle 3rd, lego sets 1st and 2nd, airplane 2nd, bat house 1st.

Alex: peach jam 1st, blackberry jelly 2nd, puzzle 2nd, lego sets both 1st, airplane 2nd, model car 1st

Christian: peach jam 1st, blackberry jelly 2nd, lego set 1st, prayer pail 1st, monster game 2nd, snowman 2nd, 2 fossils 3rd, necklace 2nd, picture frame 1st

Lily: peach jam 1st, blackberry jelly 2nd, bird house 1st, necklace 2nd, prayer pail 1st, picture frame 1st, napkins 1st, sun catcher 2nd

Anthony: monster game 2nd, bird house 2nd, lego set 1st, picture frame1st, eggplant photo 1st, dinosaur model 1st

Emelia: necklace 2nd, picture frame 1st, sun catcher 2nd

And the Nature Seeker's Fair Booth won 1st.

Very proud of my children and all of their hard work!
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