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Our Family

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Learning About the Caddo Indians

Today was our homeschool group's monthly visit to Rick Evans Grandview Prairie.  The topic we were learning about today was the Caddo Indians.  We had lots of hands on projects to help the children learn (and remember) these Indians that used to live in our area.

Instead of doing the presentation via power point, we got to make lapbooks instead!  We have made several lapbooks in our homeschool over the years because I think they are a great hands on way for children to learn about a topic and keep everything they learn all in one place, so I thought this was a great idea!

There was a lot to cover with the Caddo Indians: where they lived, how they lived, what they ate, plants they used for foods and medicine, wildflowers, story telling, and how they used everything and nothing went to waste.

Here are some pictures of us working on the lapbooks at Grandview.

We did not get to finish them there, but here are some pictures of Christians's finished lapbook that we finished this afternoon.  He was the first one to finish so I took pictures of his.  Christian does not like to color, so it is a little plain, but he is quite happy with it!

Then we made a plant press.  It is raining today, but hopefully it will dry up soon so the children can try it out.

And then the children were given bars of ivory soap and plastic knives to carve arrowheads out of soap. Some of worked on them there but it was about time to leave so some of the children waited until we got home.  I did not get a picture of it, but Christian's carving turned out really good.

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