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Our Family

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 12

Twelve weeks of our 2013/2014 school year finished!  This week started out with a field trip to the Bee Farm.  Even though that only took up our morning school time, I admit we didn't get much accomplished that afternoon.  We did get Math done though.  The rest of the week we took it a bit easy.  We still have been trying to get rid of these colds.  At the beginning of the week, it seemed that those that were a bit under the weather last week were starting to get better.  But towards the end of the week (and especially today) there was a new round of sickness happening.  I am thankful though that it is not more serious, and really the children stay very healthy most of the year and usually only get sick once or twice a year.  Because of this sickness, we have not done a whole lot of afternoon school work this week, just math and writing everyday.  We left out spelling and reading and Alex only did French one day.

One of the great advantages of homeschooling is that the younger children learn from the older children.  Everyday we start out our day with our Bible lesson.  We have been using the Beginner's Time Line from Bible Study Guide For All Ages.  They are like big flash cards.  I hold up the card and ask a question like: Who was the first man? or How many sons did Jacob have? in order of the events happening in the Bible. This week it was really cool that Emmie (2) was also answering the questions with the other children.  She is picking up so much from hearing the older children's lessons!  That was one of the biggest loses the school system had when it went to age segregated classrooms, but thankfully in homeschools those younger children can still benefit by listening to you teach your older students!

We had a chance to dress up and go to the Trick or Treat Trail at our local park on Thursday.

Friday we had our Homeschool Art Class and started learning about Georgia O' Keefee.  We did our weekly grocery shopping and had pizza and a movie that night.

Saturday was the youth hunt, and even though he wasn't feeling 100% Alex still wanted to try and get a deer.  So him and his dad sat out in the deer blind for a few hours, but they didn't see any deer.

This morning I was planning on going to church and just let Alex stay at home with his dad, but I was woken up at 5:30 with a child (Christian) who had a stomachache and a fever.  So I figured he would stay home with his dad too, but then Anthony woke up with a headache and Emmie with a fever, so we all just decided to stay home.  The boys are downstairs watching Star Wars and I am watching Cinderella with the baby upstairs hoping she will fall asleep.  Hopefully everyone will be better soon!!

I have started a series of " A Homeschool Day in the Life" starting with my first and second graders so you can see exactly what goes on in our homeschool for each grade level.  You can find my first post here.  This week's post will be my 4th grader.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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