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Our Family

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 13

Another week finished!  It has been a busy one.  We still have had sick children.  I thought everyone was better and they were Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday something else started with Lily and Christian. They are both better, but still not 100%.

This week in our homeschool we started the next set of Bible Study Guide For All Ages lessons.  There are 26 lessons in each pack, so this set will take us into the new year.  We continued in our reading of Amos Fortune Free Man and the corresponding lessons in America the Beautiful.  Each child started the next set of lessons in Math U See.  The older boys finished their final drafts of The Princess and the Pea and the little boys are continuing with their IEW PAL copywork.  Nick is almost finished with the second set of lessons for Visual Latin, so I will have to order the next DVD for him soon.  In All About Spelling Alex started a new lesson in book 3 and Christian and Anthony started a new lesson in book one, but the little boys will need to repeat their lesson again next week because they had not mastered the words by the end of the week.

Chelsea is moving along through all of her courses, and will be completing them all as scheduled.  She has until January to finish Government so she can take Economics next semester.  She also wanted to finish Algebra 2 as well so she can take Stewardship next semester.  She has almost completed SWI C and Science For High School Physical Science.  She signed up to take the ACT in December.  She has taken it once before, but wanted to try and improve her Math score.

For science, we made the decision to go back to Apologia Land Animals.  We had reviewed it back in February and only worked on it during the review period because we had not yet finished Swimming Creatures.  I had planned on starting Land Animals in September, but then we had the opportunity to review Chemistry and Physics.   Even though we loved Chemistry and Physics, we really wanted to go back and finish Land Animals, so we started up where we left off at the end of the review period.  Nick is working in a regular notebooking journal, Alex is working in a junior notebooking journal, and Lily, Anthony, and Christian are working together on a lapbook from A Journey Through Learning.  These lapboks are great for the younger children that are using Apologia Science. We started working on the folder for lesson 3 this week and should finish it next week.

This week I wrote my last review for 2013 for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I completed 56 reviews for the Crew this year and have completed 188 reviews since I joined The Crew in 2010.  Wow!  That's a lot! The Crew goes on a break for the rest of November and December and starts up again in January with reviews beginning to post again in February.

We also had a great time at Grandview this week learning about the Caddo Indians.

In Art Class on Friday we continued our lessons on Georgia O' Keeffe.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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