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Our Family

Friday, November 8, 2013

Homeschool Art Class Week 10

Just when you think all the children are well.....one starts feeling bad again.  Yesterday Lily started running a low grade fever again and complaining of a sore throat.  Then last night Christian started complaining that his throat hurt when he swallowed.  So this morning we went to art class minus a few of the children.

We are leaning about Georgia O' Keeffe this month.  Our first assignment was to draw a really big flower and color it in using three different colors.

For our second project we made flowers out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners.

Emmie and her little buddy kept busy.

She did draw and color some.

Our last project was to draw a mountain, a tree, and some clouds.  They were supposed to color with marker, crayon, and colored pencils in layers.  We did not finish those pictures because we ran out of time, but they are supposed to finish them and take them back next week.

Lily was so sad she didn't get to go to art class that I brought home the supplies for her to be able to make a flower.  She made it after she ate lunch, she was quite happy she got to make one too!  She fell asleep on the couch holding onto her flower.

Another great art class!
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