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Our Family

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 15

Another week finished in our homeschool!  I have to admit that nothing very exciting happened this week in our homeschool at all!  We had no field trips, did no special projects, and didn't even have art class.  It was a bit boring I guess just plugging on through our regular school work.

We have been reading through The Great Turkey Walk, which is a great read a loud for elementary age children.  The story is about a 15 year old boy named Simon Green who after completing the third grade for the 4th time is told by his teacher he needs to find his way in the world.  While Simon isn't at all book smart, he has a lot of other great qualities.  He comes up with a plan to herd 1,000 turkeys from Missouri to Denver.  To help him on his way he hires a man named Bidwell Peece who the town has considered a worthless no good drunk.  Simon sees good in Mr. Peece and after sobering him up he agrees to undertake the journey with him.  Along their way they encounter a runaway starving slave named Jabeth who has no talent for turkeys, but also hidden talents as well.  They have quite an adventure getting their turkeys on to Denver.

The book is written from Simon's perspective, and it is hilarious.  Sometimes when I am reading I have to wait until I stop laughing before I can move on.  Chelsea was even cracking up from the other room one day as I was reading.  There are times when it is a little sad also, and times it is suspenseful.   The story has a good message and is very touching.  One of my many favorite lines is, " Just wish I could put a finger on his talent.  Miss Rogers always said how there's a place for every soul in this world.  Only needs to be found."

In history we read about Lewis and Clark's expedition.  Science had us reading about Feliforms.  In spelling the little boys are learning words with final consonant blends and Alex is learning about dropping the "e" before adding ing, er, ed to the end of words (we will be repeating that lesson!)  Nick and Alex finished their Princess and the Pea final copies and Nick finished lesson 20 of Latin (just in time for the Compass Classroom 30% sale!!)   Everyone finished their next lessons in Math with no problems.

Chelsea has her dress for the Sew With Cotton contest almost finished.  She went to the 4 H office all day on Friday to try and get it finished up.  It is looking good!

Art classes are cancelled until after the new year.  We will be doing some projects at home for the next several weeks.

I am hoping to visit the museum in Hot Springs soon.  We haven't been since this summer since our passes had expired.  Friday there was a deal on a radio website to purchase passes for half off!  Now we just need to wait until the certificate comes in the mail.  I may decide one day after they do to cancel school and head to the museum.

Since this is Thanksgiving week and my hubby is off we will not be having school this week.  We are supposed to have a 4 H Holiday Craft workshop on Monday (as long as the weather cooperates) and the children are off to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned on Wednesday.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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