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Our Family

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 14

14 weeks of the school year finished.  It was a fast week, and I don't really know why.  We had no outside activities until art class on Friday.  This was a very good thing as I think the children are all almost over whatever we have had going around for the last several weeks.

We got quite a bit accomplished this week.  We finished chapter three in Apologia Land Animals.  Nick and Alex did their notebook assignments and Christian, Anthony, and Lily completed their lapbook folder for lesson 3.  One of the animals we learned about were raccoons.  Christian found a raccoon mask in one of our craft books.  He made it and acted like a raccoon bandit by swiping things from his siblings.

In that same craft book, Christian, Anthony, and Lily found several different kinds of animals to cut and glue. They have kept themselves quite busy making their own little zoo.  They have been very creative!  They created different houses for each kind of animal: fish, birds, reptiles, small mammals, large mammals, and even dinosaurs.

We finished Amos Fortune Free Man.  Next week there is no read aloud assigned, so I am going to start reading one of my favorite read alouds The Great Turkey Walk by Kathleen Karr, just because it is a great story and it's close to Thanksgiving and time to eat turkey.  If we do not finish it in time for our next read loud, Brady by Jean Fritz, then we can finish The Great Turkey Walk in the evening.

I think it is just so cute when Emelia climbs up to the table to do her schoolwork like the big kids.  One day last week she climbed up there during spelling with Christian and Anthony so I just had to snap a picture.

Nick and Alex put the finishing touches on The Princess and the Pea.  I am so impressed with their creative stories!  We will not be starting the next IEW lesson until the last week of Thanksgiving.

I completely forgot to take any pictures of Nick for my "Homeschool Day in the Life" post this week.  So I will not be able to post that until next week.  I am hoping to get it posted by Wednesday.

I confess that since the children have been sick, I have done no afternoon school work with Lily at all.  Honesty I never did with the boys at this age, but Lily is different and always wanted to do school, so we did.  But Lily and Emmie have been taking naps in the afternoon for the last couple of weeks so we have not done anything.  She has done her Bible and some science in the morning, but that is all.  And that is completely ok!  If she is not sleepy in the afternoon this week, we will get back to some of the things we were doing before.  If she is, I will have them lay down to nap.  It just depends.  Love homeschooling flexibility!

Hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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