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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Mr.Pipes and the British Hymn Makers

More than 25 years ago, Christian Liberty Press was created to as the publishing division of the Christian Liberty Academy School System publish school materials for home education and Christian School programs.  Since then they have expanded to provide excellent educational products at a great value to homeschools and Christian schools worldwide.  CLP is dedicated to finding, evaluating, and producing curriculum materials that express a biblical worldview and are rooted in the word of God.  Recently we were given the opportunity to review the first book in the Mr. Pipes Series, Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers.

Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers is the first book in the series by Douglas Bond.  Written for grades 7-10,   it tells the story of Annie and Drew, who are on vacation in England.  They think their summer is going to be incredibly boring until they befriend an elderly gentlemen named Mr. Pipes.  Mr. Pipes takes the children on a series of adventures and while doing so tells wonderful stories teaching them about famous British hymn writers including: Thomas Ken, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, William Williams, John Newton, William Cowper, Augustus Toplady, Thomas Kelly, and others.  Annie and Drew also learn about friendship, faith,  and the value of traditional worship and praise.

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Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers is available in paperback for $9.89 or as a PDF download for $8.79.  Other available books in the series are: Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation, Mr. Pipes Comes to America, and The Accidental Voyage.  You can purchase each separately or as a set.

Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers is a fascinating story of the history of the people behind some of the most famous hymns sung in churches everywhere.  The story's two main characters are male and female teenagers making it easy for teen boys and girls to identify with.  The story format makes it makes it much more interesting than just learning a list of famous people and what they did.  More important than memorizing who wrote the hymns, students will come away from the book with a deeper appreciation for the people who did and see how the Lord worked in their lives and used them in a mighty way,  and can and will use us as well.  The setting of the story adds to what they are learning as Annie and Drew are visiting some of the same places they are being taught about.   The illustrations throughout the book are absolutely delightful.  Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers would make a wonderful addition to a study of the church, England, or a time period study of the Hymn Makers.

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Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary PDF download of Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation. 

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