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Our Family

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Not Back to School Blog Hop: Student Photo Week

Last year I really intended to take photos of the children on the first and last days of school to see how much they grew/changed during the school year.  I participated in the Blog Hop so I did take photos around the first day of school but never took any on the last day.  So I thought in this post I would show the photos of the children I took for the Blog Hop last year and the ones I took this morning on our first day of school.  The children did not know that I was taking pictures so they are not dressed up in anything special, just what they look like on an average day.

Chelsea 8/2011
Chelsea 15 11th grade

Nick 8/2011
Nick 10 5th grade
Alex 8/2011
Alex 8 3rd Grade
Anthony 8/2011
Anthony 7 1st Grade
Christian 8/2011
Christian 5 Kindergarten
Lily 8/2011
Lily 3 years old
Emelia 8/2011
Emelia 17 months old

Not Back to School Blog Hop
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