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Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Beloved Enemy

paperback 356 pages $18.99

Jenny Jordan's heart is divided.  She was born a Southerner, but is working for the President in Washington D.C.  She is faithful to her father and the land of her birth and even covers for her father's Confederate spy missions.  But, there is a Union soldier named Buck Brownell that has stolen her heart.  Jenny does not want to do anything they may result in Buck being harmed but she is pressured to assist the South.  Women spies were less likely to be caught and she would be an  unlikely suspect considering her and her father's positions in Washington D.C.  Jenny agrees to carry secret information over enemy lines and she is caught!  Even worse than being discovered is the fact that due to her location she was held prisoner and Buck was the man who had to carry out her execution!  Will he follow his orders, or find a way to save his beloved enemy?

North verses South.  Brother against brother.  Families and lives destroyed.  Hearts torn apart.  In Beloved Enemy, Jenny falls in love but unfortunately it was with a man who wore the wrong uniform.  Her heart was split in two and she had to choose between siding with her father and protecting the man she loved.  Difficult choices that I am sure many women faced during this time in history.

I love historical fiction.  I really enjoyed the parts of this story that dealt with the people.  The interactions between Jenny, her father, the President and his family, and Buck.  I really loved how the author ended the story.  As I was reading I couldn't figure out how the story was going to end on a happy note (I really don;t like unhappy endings) but the ending was good and believable.  There was a lot of description and focus on the strategy of the war and the battle scenes which I skimmed through fairly quickly because I am much more interested in the story aspect than the battles themselves.

I received a complimentary copy of Beloved Enemy for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation.


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