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Our Family

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop: School Room Week

A little over 5 years ago when we were buying a house, the playroom area of this house is what sold it to me (my husband was sold by the large shop outside.)  I really wanted to have an area that I could keep all the toys in and use for our school stuff.  Our schoolroom/playroom is not the only place in the house we "do school," but I love having a room dedicated for that purpose.

A few years ago, our downstairs suffered from significant water damage and we were unable to use that room for a long time while my husband remodeled it and enclosed the garage and turned it into a family room.  We were able to move back into it last year and it is even better than when we moved in!  One of the biggest changes we made was to the floors.  They used to be Pergo.  We chose ceramic tile.  It is fairly easy to install, inexpensive, long lasting, easy to clean!!!! and does not buckle when it gets wet.  To make a soft play area we bought foam tiles and placed them over the play side of the room.  The walls got fresh paint and wainscoting.  The shelves were painted too and we put clear contact paper over them to protect the paint.  My hubby also put a chalkboard in using plywood and chalkboard paint.

Since it is also a playroom, the room is used all the time and is never spotless.  But we do try and keep it somewhat neat and tidy.  It had gotten to a point where there was too many toys to keep it picked up and the children had so much stuff in there they never played with any of it.  Last week-end I went through and got rid of a lot of toys and was so glad I did!  Now they can play and everything has a place to be put away when they are not using it.

the empty wall space is where our MOH timeline will hang

picture of room from the stairs

this empty wall space will get a bulletin board

this side of the shelf is for games, books, toys, and legos

The window seat and the children's cubbies for school stuff.  I like to sit on the window seat while reading to the children.

this side of the shelf is for school books and supplies

A shot of the room from the window seat
I still need to make curtains and hang some things on the walls.  Walmart did not have a bulletin board so my hubby is going to the hardware store to see what they might have.  I'd also like to pick up those milk crates to put in each of the cubbies to keep them a little neater. 

Thanks for taking a peek inside our schoolroom!

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