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Our Family

Friday, August 10, 2012

Emelia's New Bed

To make a long story short, Emelia (17 months) is a terrible sleeper.  She always has been and quite honestly I know I'm to blame.  I have always nursed her to sleep and nurse her back to sleep every time she wakes up.  I really don't mind nursing one or two or even three times during the night but she has gotten to the point that she wakes up constantly unless she is attached to me.  Other people have told me that the only way to break her from this habit is to wean her completely but neither her or I am ready for that.  She doesn't only nurse at night but several times throughout the day also and I would like to keep nursing as long as possible.  But the nights have been hard.....very hard.

So, we decided to try and get Emelia in a better going to sleep and night routine.  To do this we have bought her a "big girl" toddler bed and are going to move her into the girls' room.  I am hoping that I will be able to nurse her and then take her upstairs for story and tuck her in when the rest of the children go to sleep.  If she gets used to going to sleep without nursing then hopefully will sleep better at night.  I know the first few nights are going to be the hardest.  She is a very stubborn child (gets it from her daddy :) 

We put her bed up tonight.  Art had lots of help!

She seemed to like it once it was together.

I made the pillow and the blanket. 

front of quilt

back of quilt
I am really, really, really praying she will sleep well and stay in her bed!!!!
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