Our Family

Our Family

Monday, June 18, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 6/18/2012

I have not posted a menu in several weeks because I have not written one in several week!  I am very proud to say that when Art, Emelia, and I had to fly to New York (art's mom is in the hospital) and my mom and dad kept the rest of the children Chelsea (15) took over for me and created a meal plan and grocery list for the week for mom and dad to feed the children!

This week's menu:

Fri 6/15- pizza (first time in almost a month we have had pizza and a movie)
Sat 6/16- steak, mushrooms, potato salad, baked beans, grapes
Sun 6/17- roast beef and swiss subs, leftover potato salad, strawberries
Mon 6/18- chicken alfredo,
Tues 6/19- mexican lasagna and rice
Wed 6/20- burgers, cauliflower, apple slices
Thurs 6/21- pasta salad, bread, grapes

Visit www.orgjunkie.com for menu inspiration.
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