Our Family

Our Family

Friday, June 29, 2012

These Days You Can't Buy Much For $1 But....

The children each had $1 that they wanted to spend at Walmart today.  I told them that $1 couldn't buy very much but they could look and see if they could find anything.  They made out pretty well actually.

Christian was very excited to find a recorder for $1.

And Lily of course wanted just what Christian had (I don't know how excited I am about it.  Especially after listening to them play all afternoon!!!)  Emelia really, really wanted a new ball and was quite vocal about it.  They did not have pink or purple so she got orange.

Anthony was thrilled to find a package of 48 army men for $1.  He spent quite some time having battles with them this afternoon.  He wants to buy a set of different colored ones next time so he knows who is fighting who.

Nick and Alex bought a $2 pack of trading cards.  Chelsea bought a song on iTunes.  I didn't get their pictures.

I found some pants that the boys like to wear in the winter that are usually $8 on clearance for $1 a pair.  So I bought 4 of them.

I think everyone was pleased with their dollar purchases.
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