Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What We Have Been Up To

I posted on Facebook the other day that I happened to glance up at the calender in my kitchen and it was still on May.  When we left (the first time) it was still May.  I can't believe June is already almost gone.  It has been pretty busy around here. 

Most of you know we went to Dauphin Island for a week on vacation.  We loved, loved, loved Dauphin Island.  I wrote a series of blog posts about our vacation there and I when I look back at those it seems like forever ago and not just a few weeks that we were there.

On our way back from there we fond out that Art's mom was critically ill.  We were home for a day and then loaded back up again to take the children (except the baby) to my parent's house and flew to New York the next day.  We spent 6 days up there with most of that time being spent in the ICU waiting room.  Art's mom did start improving before we had to leave and has continued to show steady improvements.  She is doing much better than anyone expected, although she is still in ICU and has a long recovery ahead of her.  We are planning a trip back up there for all of us (20 hour drive) in a few months.

We flew home on a Sunday, picked up the children (except Chelsea who had a 4 H camp that Thursday in Little Rock that my dad offered to drive her to for me so they kept her) and drove 4 hours home getting us here at 11:00 pm that night.  That week was VBS for our church.  We missed Monday because I was too tired and had to get to the store because I hadn't shopped in 3 weeks.  The rest of the week we went to VBS and I helped with the preschool class.  VBS went pretty smoothly.  The children learned a lot, had fun, and we raised money for the local soup kitchen and Christian Health Clinic.

Chelsea got home from one 4 H camp on Friday, then headed to the District Competition yesterday (while she was gone we went to a friend's and had a play date.) She won 1st place in her category, Fashion Review, for the dress she made last fall.  She also won 1st place on her journal.  Today she heads out to Quad County Camp and will be gone until Friday.  People that think that homeschoolers have no social interaction should spend a week at my house. 

In the middle of all that chaos, we have been working on several reviews.  I have posted a few over the last week or so.  In case you were wondering the reviews I used to post as TOS Reviews are now posted as Schoolhouse Review Crew.  Same company (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine) but a new website and name for the review team (that I am so blessed to be a part of!)  You can find the new website here.  In addition to the ones I recently posted we are working on several others including: Lightning Literature, Apologia Who Is My Neighbor, Christian Keyboarding, Knowledge Quest Time Maps Collection, a board game called Jeepers Peepers, and we will be starting several more in the next week or so. 

My wonderful husband is working extra hours to make up the time he missed while we were gone to NY.  He has not seen the children all week and won't until Friday.  He leaves before they get up and comes home after they are in bed. We are also trying to get the pool filled so the children can use it.  It is a slow process because we have to check for leaks.  Temperatures will be above 100 degrees this weekend and it would be nice to have the pool ready to go.

Now I must shut this computer down and complete a few household chores before we have to leave to take Chelsea to camp.
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