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Monday, July 9, 2018

Homeschool Crew Review: Bible Study Guide For All Ages

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Bible Study Guide For All Ages allows you to study the same Bible lessons with children of different ages.  There are a total of 416 lessons, 26 in each packet. Working through the program will allow you to cover the entire Bible in 4 years.  We received a variety of products from Bible Study Guide For All Ages to use and review including:

 Beginner (3-K) 
 Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade)
 Advanced (5th & 6th grade)
Advanced Teacher Key
 Wall Maps and Timeline set
Large Bible Book Summary Cards

Each set of students pages are in a consumable workbook, so you will need one for each student.  The pages are 8.5x14 and are lightly glued on one side making them very easy to tear off.  The lessons do not move chronologically through the Bible.  Each set contains lessons from the Old and New Testaments.  We received lessons 1-26.  Our lesson book had 14 lessons on Joseph, 6 on Daniel, and 6 on Jesus.

The Beginner pages are for ages 3-K but also can be used with children a little older.  These are used with children who are not yet reading or are beginning readers so it is intended that an adult will read the lessons to the child.  Each lesson follows the same format.  The first page has the Learn the Basics section which lists the Time Line cards you should go over if you are using the Beginner Time Line Cards and also Sing and Remember shows the songs to sing if you are using Children's Songs CD Set (these are optional .)  Every 4 lessons there is a My Bible section that helps children learn about their Bible and the importance of it. Next there is a Get Active and Apply It section that teaches a life lesson and how it will apply to the Bible lesson and their life.  There is also a picture to color.  The next page has the Discover the Bible lesson.  This is the main part of the Bible study lesson. The parent reads each section of the lesson to the child and they follow the directions in each box.  They may be told to color the picture, trace,  circle or cross out something.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
The Intermediate Pages are for children around 3-4th grade.  These lessons can be read and completed by the student on their own or a teacher can help them go through the lesson. The first page of their lesson starts with a Remember It review section and a Memory Workout.  The memory work out lists a song from the Children's Songs CD Set or a card from the Bible Book Summary Card set.  These are optional.  Next they have a Time Line activity in their book, a Get Active and Apply it section that teaches a life lesson and helps them apply it to the Bible lesson and their life.  They also have a small space to record their Prayer List.  The next page is the Discover the Bible lesson.  The Scripture being used needs to be read and then the student follows the directions for each box of the lesson.  They may have to  do things such as fill in missing letters, unscramble words, draw, circle or cross out items in the pictures.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
The Advanced Pages are geared for children in the 5th and 6th grades.  The pages are set up the same as the Intermediate Pages.  The Get Active and Apply it sections have different activities. In the Discover the Bible lesson portion the activities are a little more advanced.  For example instead of filling in the blanks on a name where some of the letter are provided, the Advanced Pages requires you to write the entire name. 
Bible Study Guide for All Ages

The Wall Maps and Timeline set comes with a 76x25 timeline, and 3 maps measuring 38x25, 19x25 and 19x25.  As you learn about places and events in your lessons, you add labels to the timeline and maps. The labels are made of cardstock and come in a small 3 ring binder.  Each one has to be cut out and an adhesive placed on the back before it is stuck to the timeline or map.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
This is the time line when I first set it up.  I had to take 2 photos so you could see the entire thing!
The "people" near the end of the timeline are labeled with your students names.  I loved that!

 These are the cardstock labels in the binder.

This was not the first time I have used Bible Study Guide For All Ages.  We reviewed it back in 2013 and after that review I continued to purchase it and used it for our Bible study for the next school year.  For this review I used the Beginner pages for Emmie (7), Intermediate pages for Lily (9) and 2 sets of Advanced pages for Christian (11) and Anthony (12.)  We had the Beginner Timeline cards from our previous review (they still remembered them!)  These are large sturdy illustrated cardstock flashcards that teach events of the Bible with a simple question such as Who led the Israelites out of Egypt? The Bible Book Summary Cards were also familiar to us.  They are large cardstock flashcards that have a picture on the front that shows the main subject of the book of the Bible and on the back a description and questions the teacher can ask. We were happy to have an opportunity to add the Wall Maps and Timeline set to this review.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
One of the things I love about Bible Study Guide For All Ages  is the ability to study the same lesson with different ages of children.  Because the first page of each lesson is different for the beginner child, we start in with the Discover the Bible section.  I sit beside Emmie and read it from her page. As she is working on coloring the first section of her activity page, I read the actual Bible verses aloud for the other children..  Then the rest of the children complete their section and I start reading the next section in Emmie's book.  When we finish the lesson page, we work on the Wall Map and Timeline Set.  Then we go back and do the Beginner Time Line Cards, Bible Book Summary Card, and they can work individually on the first page.   The children really enjoy the lessons and completing the activity sheets and have learned and remembered quite a bit.  They love the cartoon like drawings. They look forward to doing their Bible lessons which is always a good thing.  I like that each set of pages has lessons on both the Old and New Testaments.




The Wall Map and Timeline Set added a good hands on dimension to our studies.  I really like the way the timeline is set up.  It does take a bit of time to get it on the wall and ready to go but I think it was time well spent.  Having the visual aids gives the children a better overall idea of history and where these events take place.

The Advanced Teacher Key looks just like the Advanced Student Pages except it has all of the answers filled in.  That makes it very easy on the teacher to be able to read along with the students. It also tells you what figures need to go on the timeline and maps and which map they need to go on.  They are labeled by lesson number in the book as well. 

The one thing I wish was different are the pages in the books.  I prefer to keep the books intact rather then having loose pages floating around the house, so I do wish the binding was stronger. Also the pages are really large making them awkward to store. 

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