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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Homeschool Crew Review: Math Refresher for Adults

Math Essentials

Math is a subject that we use in our lives every single day. Whether you love it or hate it it isn't going away. As a homeschool mom I not only have to use it, but teach it as well.   Math Essentials provided me with a copy of Math Refresher for Adults for review to brush up on math skills.

Math Refresher for Adults

Math Refresher for Adults is a 270 page paperback book.  There are 9 main topics in the book: Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Geometry, Integers, Charts and Graphs, Word Problems, and Pre-Algebra/ Algebra.  For each topic there are several sub categories.  For example under Geometry you will find topics such as Points, Lines and Planes, Types of Angles, Polygons, Circles, Areas of Squares and Rectangles, and more.  At the end of each main section there is a review of the entire section.  Each page starts with a few review exercises then moves on to problems related to the topic. Helpful hints and examples are included on each page.  At the end of each lesson there is a word problem. You can write in the book if you choose but it is recommended that you copy each problem on a separate sheet of paper and work them out.  In the back of the book you will find a solution guide, glossary, and important symbols and tables.  Purchasing Math Refresher for Adults also gives you access to short instructional videos for each topic. You do not need to complete the book in order from beginning to end.  You are free to pick and choose which topics you would like to work on.

Math Refresher for Adults was designed to be used for a variety of purposes.  Those who are preparing for math tests such as the ACT, SAT, or PRAXIS could use this book to help prepare for their tests. Older students who need a review of general math before heading into higher levels would benefit from using this book.  Homeschool parents who have forgotten certain math skills or would just like to brush up on math can use this book.  Parents with children in public school who may need help with their homework may want to use it to review math topics.  Adults who have been out of school for some time and are returning may have a need to take entrance exams or math classes for their degree and can use his book as a refresher.

 I thought Math Refresher for Adults was very easy to use.  You can easily find a topic of study you need to work on and start at that point.  I started in the Pre-Algebra/Algebra section to brush up on my math before I have 2 children in Pre-Algebra this year. Or if you just feel like you need more practice in all areas of math you could start at the beginning and work your way through the book in just minutes a day. The lessons are short and straight forward.  Review of topics is built in and there are several practice problems for each topic.  Examples are given for each section.  There are helpful video lessons that you can refer to but they are not listed in order of the lessons in this book.  You have do a bit of digging for the topic that you need.  The videos lessons are not lengthy and do a good job of explaining the material. I think it would make using the video lessons easier if they had a section specifically for Math Refresher for Adults and listed the videos in order of the lessons in the book.

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