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Our Family

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Our Week in Review (July 9th-15th)

Last summer the girls had an opportunity to take a painting class and they painted beautiful butterflies on canvas.  The class was offered once a week for 8 weeks in the summer (we only went the one week.)  This year I was glad to see Playful Painting was back and basing the lessons on famous artists!  We cannot take all 8 weeks of classes even with a sibling discount, but I did want them to be able to go to a class or two.  Last Monday was a class on Vincent Van Gogh and Starry Night which the girls love, so I was so glad to be able to take them to the class.  It was very well done.  The had an opportunity to look at several examples of Van Gogh's work, watch a video of a book being read by Van Gogh and then we guided step by step to paint while still having an opportunity to make the painting unique. 

 With Christian and Alex gone, that meant I had to feed and water goats.  Someone has to actually stand and watch them eat so they do not steal the others food or switch troughs.I had Nick and Anthony give me a hand.

Tuesday and Wednesday  I took Emmie to Chelsea's to play with Liam for the day.  Christian and Alex were still at camp.  Nick and Anthony hung out at the house, and I spent the time (6 hours each day) with Lily at a 4 H Quilt Workshop.  The project was to make a rag quilt.  We met at the Junior High school because she had an AccuQuilt which would cut out the squares and cut the fringe.  Each quilt needed 40 squares, 20 for the top and 20 for the bottom.  They quilted each square in an X shape and then had to sew the squares together to form their quilt.  The hardest part was making sure all of the fringe was on the front side when sewn together.  Lily had a bit of a hard time with this and had to pull apart several squares, but other than that did great!  I was so impressed with all the girls hard work.  There were only 5 in the workshop ages 9-16, but they all made a quilt to be proud of! 

The school also had a embroidery machine and each girl was able to pick a design to embroider on one square.  Lily wanted a panda bear, her name, and the year on hers.  The design needed 13 thread changes so I got to learn how to use the machine so I could change the thread.
Her quilt matches the pillowcase we made a few months ago.

Wednesday afternoon Art went to pick up Alex and Christian from STEM 4 H camp in Ferndale.  While they were there they got to:build and program LEGO Mindstorm robots and race them in a course, build and launch Sea Perch robots,  build and test eco robots to clean up an area, make treboulchets, build and test wind powered cars, build and shoot rockets, build and test egg drops, make slime, make and test stomp rockets, and build earthquake structures. They also did the Pack Shack community service project again.  Pictures have not yet been posted for this camp.  I am so glad they got to go, they both had a great time!

We have had a broody hen for several weeks.  Thursday morning when Alex went out to do chores, he found a chick.  Unfortunately it had fallen from the nest and was laying on the ground in the mud.  I thought if it made it 24 hours we would be in good shape, but it lived about a day and a half before it died :(  No others have hatched yet but hopefully some will soon and we will be more successful.

Saturday we babysat for Liam. 

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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