Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Our Week in Review (November 20-26th)

This week we were on Thanksgiving break the whole week.  Public school was out so Nick did not have to go to his robotics class and Art was on vacation from work so we took the week off at home as well. 

Monday was Alex's birthday.  It is so amazing to me that time does not seem like it goes by fast from day to day, but watching your children grow you really see how fast it goes!  It seems like only yesterday that that 8lb 7 oz  21 in baby boy was born and here he is 14 years old and 6ft 1!

For his birthday Alex wanted to go to the movies.  Since we had to go to Texarkana for that I planned on leaving a bit early to do some shopping.  But, we did not get to leave as early as I planned.  Before I was even ready to go, Christian came running in to tell me I needed to go outside and look at the goats, that there was something wrong with his goat Jessie. We went out to look at her and her jaw and cheeks were all swollen, and her belly was bloated.  Here eyes were dull and she would not make any noise (she is normally a very noisy goat.) After googling we figured she had bottle jaw caused by parasites ( we do worm them regularly so I'm not sure how she got it.)  But we gave her some ibuprofen and some worm medicine that I had on hand.  We stopped by the co-op on our way to TX and talked to someone there who recommended I give another worm medicine in 48 hours.  Then we headed to Larry's Pizza for lunch.  Chelsea, Cody, and Liam met us there.  Nick and Alex had been many times with the church youth group and it is one of their favorite places to eat.  I guess that much be a teenager thing, because the adults were not that impressed.  It wasn't a bad place to eat, but pizza is just not that exciting to me.

We enjoyed the movie and the baby was very well behaved.  When we got home Jessie looked a little better and ate a little bit of hay.

Tuesday Lily and Alex had their music lessons. 

Wednesday we spent cooking and cleaning.  The children helped me with the pies.  We made cherry, apple, 2 pumpkin, and chocolate.  We also made fudge.  The recipe we used is a family recipe and requires a lot of stirring.  This batch we stirred for 43 minutes. 

Thursday for Thanksgiving we have our big meal at 12:00.  That way I only have to cook once.  For supper we just eat leftovers and pie.  We watched some of the parade and watched football the rest of the day. 

Nick, Chelsea, Liam, and I went to Walmart Friday to do our grocery shopping.  By that time, the crowds were not too bad.   It was a beautiful day and the boys did some yard work while Art and Alex worked on making the doors for the shop.

The goat was completely recovered by Friday and back to normal.

Saturday morning Art came home from hunting early because he had got a buck.  That's two deer for him and one for Al.  Christian still hasn't gotten one.

The outside of the house got a much needed cleaning so we would be ready to put up Christmas decorations.  I took Nick and Alex to a friend's house.  Don't every trust a GPS down a country road in SW Arkansas....just sayin.....

We started to put up the outside decorations Sunday afternoon but I did not get any pictures because it is not finished.

Everything goes back to normal tomorrow!!

I hope you had a great week!
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