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Our Family

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 11

I am a few days late posting this because we were out of town this week-end.

After our Bible lesson on Mondays (still working on our Weave Your Word in Me Bible study) we do geography.  Well actually we usually work on poetry first but we didn't this week.  Our geography lesson was a review of the countries we have learned so far in North and South America. They all completed a math lesson, Christian and Anthony started step 20 in AAS Level 4, and did their handwriting and reading of Johnny Tremain.  Emmie did lesson 21 in AAR Level 1 and Lily read one of her magic stories.

That afternoon we had our 4 H meeting packing OCC Boxes.

After that I met Art and gave him the children and my van and I took his truck to my required 4 H leader training (I have to have 4 hours of training per year.)

Tuesday after our Bible lesson I had planned on watching a Torchlighter's video on Martin Luther but was unable to stream it.  So instead I read a short biography on him.  Then we worked on a lesson in Thinking Like an Engineer and downloaded software to start learning CAD.  In the afternoon we did our math, spelling, reading, and handwriting.

Then we had gymnastics.

After gymnastics we went to church to change into costumes and left Nick there for senior high youth. 

Alex went ahead to the park to hand out candy with the 4 H Teen Leaders and then the rest of us followed to go through the Trick or Treat Trail.  It was cold and started to rain while we were in the park so we didn't stay long.  We stopped by two houses and headed back home.

Wednesday after Bible we worked on Lesson 11 in America's Story.  We could not do the next lesson in Thinking Like an Engineer because I couldn't load the video (already slow internet is being much slower lately!) After lunch they did their math, reading, spelling, and handwriting and then we headed off to Kid's Club.

Thursday morning after our Bible lesson, I started reading aloud George Washington True Patriot from YWAM Publishing.  We did a science lesson on Stephen Hales and water transport in plants.  We did an experiment with celery to show how this works.  Our afternoon was spent on math, reading, handwriting, and spelling.  The boys finished Johnny Tremain and we will be moving on to the next unit in Readers in Residence on Charlotte's Web.

Lily and Alex had music lessons.

Friday after I picked up Nick from school we loaded the camper to head to Little Rock for the week-end.  We went to Maumelle Park which is on the Arkansas River.  You are in the city, but actually not.  It was very pretty. 

Friday night we dropped off Christian and Alex at Forestry and Wildlife Camp at the 4 H center.  It was Christian's first overnight camp and I was nervous but he was fine.  While they were there they had workshops and activities on archeology, food plots,  built a bat house, ATV safety, rode 4 wheelers, Gun Safety, shot BB guns, population/trapping analysis, scavenger hunt, and rock climbing.  I hope they post pictures on the FB page so I can see some!

Saturday morning we headed to the BEST Robotics competition and were there all day watching Nick compete with his team.  He drove two rounds.  It was a fire rescue theme this year.  The team did really well and won 5 different awards.  They are moving on to compete in Regionals at Fort Smith in December.

After the competition we went back to the campsite, fished a little, and cooked over the campfire.

Sunday we didn't have to pick the boys up until 1, so we went to the zoo.

baby penguins

I hope you had a great week!  Happy Homeschooling!

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