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Our Family

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 14

It was one of those weeks that everything fit together nicely and I didn't even plan it that way! 

Monday morning it was cool but the sun was shining so we took the opportunity to go walking at the park.

When we got home we did our Bible lesson, and worked on the poem Trees and read a chapter of George Washington True Patriot. We completed lesson 14 in America's Story that was on some stories about heroic people in the Revolution.  One of the men talked about was John Paul Jones.  That was one of the things that worked out without planning because for our evening read aloud we read the book Ben and Me by Robert Lawson and John Paul Jones's mice come and help rescue the French mice.....

Lily started Level 4 of All About Reading.  She did two lessons on Monday.  Emmie completed her lesson in AAR Level 1 and did some Reading Eggs.  Everyone did Math (Christian is still struggling in math poor guy it is just hard for him.)  Christian and Anthony started actually reading Charlotte's Web in Readers in Residence (they had been doing some introductory stuff.)  They also started Step 22 in AAS Level 4.

Monday afternoon was the 4 H Holiday Craft Workshop.  We made some cute crafts including an advent calendar, sock snowman, tree and reindeer pencil topper, gingerbread man, gift tags, and a reindeer cupcake.

Tuesday Anthony went for his ear recheck.  Still a little red but not infected.  When we got home we did our poetry, Bible, and read George Washington.  We did our geography lesson on Sweden.  In the afternoon we did our math, spelling, handwriting, reading, and literature. 

Lily decided to help Emmie with her math.

Liam surprised us all when he sat up all by himself!  He was very surprised too!

Tuesday afternoon we had gymnastics and Nick had youth.

Wednesday morning after our poetry, Bible, and read aloud we did an art project.  We have not done one in a long time and I was feeling bad about that and needed to find a way to fit it in.  We did the Nutcracker from ArtAchieve.  We did not have time to paint or color it in but we did get the drawings done.

After lunch they all did their afternoon work and off we went to Kid's Club.

The object lesson at Kid's Club had to do with static electricity. 

Thursday morning we did our Bible, poetry, and read aloud.  In the George Washington book we read about Baron von Steubon and the winter at Valley Forge.  We did lesson 11 in Science in the Age of Reason which was on the scientist who discovered static electricity (fit in very nicely with our lesson at Kid's Club the day before.)  We had a little time so we watched a Drive Thru History lesson which was on the Winter at Valley Forge (just what we had read about .)  After math, spelling, reading, handwriting, and literature we headed off to music lessons but they were cancelled.

Friday morning Nick headed off at the crack of dawn to travel to Fort Smith for the regional robotics competition.  They had to spend the night up there.  The robot did not do well and they did not advance forward.

Sunday we went to the Christmas Tree Farm after church and picked out our tree.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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