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Our Family

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017 Blue Ribbon Awards

Homeschool Review Crew Favorite Products for 2017

Another Crew year has come to a close.  It was an amazing year.  We completed 58 reviews this year, some from companies that we have known about an loved for years and others that were brand new to us that we were so glad to discover.  At the end of each year, we are asked to vote for our favorites in a number of different categories.  We had around 74 vendors this year and in some categories it was very hard to choose our favorites!!

I want to tell you a few of our absolute favorites before I show you who I voted for in each category.

Creating a Masterpiece- I really loved this online art curriculum!  I made time to sit down with my children and complete a weekly project.  The projects were a little challenging at times, but we created some beautiful artwork!!

ArtAchieve- Another online art curriculum that my children absolutely love!  We love the practice pages and that it is so easy to follow along with John on the video.  He provides links in various subjects for each lesson so you can easily turn it into a mini unit study if you have further interest.

Drive Thru History- I had heard of Drive Thru History before but never had a chance to watch any of the episodes.  We LOVED Drive Thru History The Gospels and I highly recommend it!  I also purchased Drive Thru History American History to go along with our curriculum for this year.

Let's Go Geography- Did you ever think that geography could be fun?  After being totally burned out on a geography curriculum last year I didn't think so.  But Let's Go Geography is fun and easy to teach.  We will continue using this curriculum for the rest of the year.

Reading Eggs- Emmie LOVES this!  It's been a great supplement to our regular reading curriculum.

Susan K. Marlow- I highly recommend all of her books.  We have reviewed many of them and have loved each one.  In addition to that, she is very sweet!  Lily sent her an email and she gave her such a sweet response. 

Innovator's Tribe- One of those companies I had never heard of before. Thinking Like an Engineer has been a great curriculum for my boys so far.  We had never done anything like it.

Okay here is the actual list of categories and everyone I voted for.  I did not vote in every category because, for instance, I no longer have preschoolers.

Favorite Reading Curriculum- Reading Eggs
Favorite Writing Curriculum- Hewitt Homeschooling
Favorite Grammar Curriculum- Eclectic Foundations
Favorite Penmanship Program-Channie's
Favorite Literature Curriculum- Apologia Readers in Residence

Favorite History/Social Studies Curriculum- Let's Go Geography
Favorite History Supplement- Rush Revere
Favorite Science Curriculum/Supplement- Innovators Tribe
Favorite Math Curriculum- UnLock Math
Favorite Math Supplement- Super Teacher Worksheets

Favorite Foreign Language Curriculum- Greek 'n' Stuff
Favorite Fine Arts Curriculum or Product- Creating a Masterpiece
Favorite Elective Curriculum- CompuScholar
Favorite Christian Education Curriculum- Drive Thru History
Favorite Christian Education Supplement- Worthy Kids Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

Favorite Preschool Product-
Favorite Elementary Product- Home School in the Woods
Favorite Middle School Product- Innovators Tribe
Favorite High School Product- Apologia Marine Biology
Favorite College or College Prep- IEW Essay Intensive
Favorite Parent Product -
Best Resource I Didn't Know I Needed- Super Teacher Worksheets
Favorite Planning Product-

Best Online Resource- ArtAchieve
Best E Product- Home School in the Woods
Favorite Book or Novel- Susan K Marlow
Favorite Audio Book- Heirloom Audio In the Reign of Terror
Just For Fun- Drive Thru History

Kid's Choice- Emmie- Reading Eggs
 Lily- Susan K Marlow
Christian- Rush Revere
Anthony- Drive Thru History

Teen Choice- Nick Marine Biology

All Around Crew Favorite- Creating a Masterpiece

Those were our choices and I was very happy to see a number of our favorites won!  This year 22 different companies were awarded with the blue ribbon.  Stop by the Crew Blog to see all the winners and read other Crew members posts about their favorites.  Congrats to all the winners and I can't wait to get started with the Crew again in January!

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