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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Review: Gathering the Threads by Cindy Woodsmall

Gathering the Threads by Cindy Woodsmall is the third and final book in the Amish of Summer Grove series.  To completely understand the story, you really need to read the entire series from beginning to end.  The series is about 2 young ladies, Ariana Brenneman (Amish) and Skylar Nash (English) and their families.  Skylar and Ariana were born on the same night in an Amish birthing center when there was a fire.  Many years later a secret is discovered that alters both girls' lives forever.

In Gathering the Threads, Ariana is thrilled to be returned to her Old Order Amish home, but she struggles with reconciling what she has learned while in the English world with everything she has been taught since she was a little girl.  She struggles with finding her place in the world.

While Ariana was gone, Skylar made a place for herself in the Brenneman family but that place is disturbed when Ariana returns home.  Skylar has to find a place for herself and make peace with her family.

Both girls must " discover the true cords that bind a family and community together and grasp tight the One who holds their authentic identities close to His heart."

I have waited a long time for this final book to be released.  That's the one problem with reading the books as soon as they come out.  The authors do not write as fast as I can read and sometimes you just have to be patient!  I loved the other two books and was eager to see how the author was going to resolve all of the situations that were going on in the book.  I like Cindy Woodsmall's stories because she writes about things that not found in your typical Amish book.

I loved the book and the way everything ended up.  It was predictable in some ways but many times romance stories can be.  Some parts of the story did not flow very well for me because some of the chapters would end with something going on with Ariana and the next chapter would shift to Skylar (or the other way around) and you are not sure what happened in between but later on in the chapter it would be explained.  I loved the different relationship aspects to the story and the theme that it is not blood that makes you family or decides your identity. Gathering the Threads was a great story, a wonderful ending to the series and I would recommend to anyone that enjoys Amish fiction.  I am giving this book 5 stars on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC regulations.

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