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Our Family

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 5

My husband had to go out of town for a few days to attend some meetings in North Carolina.  He left early Sunday morning and was back at bedtime Tuesday night.  Sunday night our junior and senior high youth meet for an hour.  Every year though, in September they do a two hour event that includes a homemade water slide.  Art usually drops the boys off at youth and then goes to the gym, but since he was gone I had to take them.  I decided to stay in town rather then make the drive back and forth again.  I packed a picnic supper, dropped the boys off at church and took the others to the park.  We have been spending a lot of time there lately and after an hour (it was pretty hot!) they had had enough.  So we went back to church to see what was happening there.  They were so excited when they were able to go down the waterslide too!  They had the best time!  (Nick decided not to slide this year.)

Monday Lily and Alex's music lessons were cancelled because their teacher was sick.  Christian and Alex had a soccer practice that evening.

Tuesday required some juggling.  The girls gymnastics is from 4:30-5:30.  Alex and Christian had to be at the park by 5 to start practicing and the game started at 5:30.  Nick had to be at church at 6 for youth.  I took the girls, watched them for a bit, then left and ran all the boys to the park.  Went back to gymnastics, made the girls leave a few minutes early so we wouldn't miss the beginning of the game.  Got back to the park and Nick left to walk to church (thankfully it's right across the street!) 

Wednesday was Kid's Club.  Just as we were getting ready to pull out of the driveway I heard a loud popping sound and then a whooshing sound of air leaving something.  My tire had blown.  I was very thankful it happened in the driveway and not when I was going down the road.  My very capable teenage boys changed the tire for me and we were on our way.

Thursday Christian and Alex had another soccer game.  Unfortunately I had the time wrong, but thankfully we made it in time anyway!

Friday I was thankful that after grocery shopping we could stay home the rest of the day!

Week 5 in our Homeschool

P.E.: We did a lot of walking at the park this week.  After we finished walking the children played on the playground.

 Emmie wanted to visit the dinosaur footprint in the park

 They were playing quite a game that they made up.  At one point they were in the belly of some sea creature (this slide) and were trying to avoid being digested.

Bible: We read from Luke 7:17-8:25.

Poetry: We are still working on the Duke of Plaza-Toro.  They don't love this poem.

Geography: This week we learned about the country of Nicaragua.

History: We read Lesson 5 in America's Story on the Pilgrim's voyaging to America.  One of the assignments was to draw a comic about the voyage. The boys did a great job with this!

Science: We read lessons 3 and 4 in Science in the Age of Reason.  The book focuses on scientists and what they discovered. Lesson 3 was on Farenheit and we did a cool experiment with a marshmallow, potato, and ivory soap to see what would happen to them when heat was added.  Lesson 4 was about Thomas Fairchild and hybrid plants.

Math: I started Emmie on CTC Math (upcoming review) at the first grade level.  She really likes it so far and completed 4 lessons this week.  I had Christian do a few lessons on multiplication on CTC as well.  I am hoping using this as a supplement for him will help him gain some confidence.  Lily, Christian, and Anthony each completed 4 lessons in Math Lessons for a Living Education. 

Language Arts: Anthony and Christian are reading Johnny Tremain and working on the lessons to go along with it in Readers in Residence.  They did an assignment that had them search for vocabulary words that were new to them and started describing the characters in the book.  Lily worked on some grammar worksheets on nouns from Super Teacher Worksheets (upcoming review.)

Reading/Spelling: Anthony and Christian completed step 14 in AAS Level 4.  Lily completed lessons 38,39,40,41, and 42 in AAR Level 3 and Emmie completed lessons 15 and 16 in AAR Level 1.

Alex 8th Grade: Time management continues to be a problem.  I'm trying to get him to realize on his own that the work doesn't go away and by not completing it when he is supposed to he just causes it to build up.  But, in math his lessons were on solving one and two step equations and equations with real numbers.  Science lessons were on size, distance, and area.  History lessons were on the English face Unknown Horizons and Dutch Trading Interests.  In Language Arts he had a lesson on homonyms and a spelling quiz.

Nick 10th grade: Nicholas completed lesson 5 in MUS Algebra II.  In  health he read chapter 5 of Total Health on infectious diseases and in History completed lesson 13.

Liam has learned to roll over!

I have pumpkins growing in my front yard that I didn't plant!  I think they came from carving pumpkins last year.  The first few plants I pulled out but then I left one to see what would grow.

Goats are still nosey!

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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