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Our Family

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 2

This week some kind of cold virus infected my house.  It started with Christian on Monday.  He started complaining of a really bad sore throat that came on all of a sudden.  I thought it was just his allergies (he has bad seasonal allergies), but the next evening Anthony was sneezing, then Emmie had a sore throat the next day and then Nick, and Lily.  Mine started in the middle of the night Thursday.  I've decided that children bounce back from this stuff faster then adults.  While all of the children have been sick they still have been up and around and playing.  I stayed on the couch for 2 days and did not feel well enough to go to church today.  Along with the sore throat (that as Lily said felt like a cactus was in her throat) , we had some low grade temps, headache, constant runny nose and sneezing and even some body aches.  Alex and Art seemed to have escaped it so far, and hopefully Liam who was here 3 days this week.

We did not have a regular school day on Monday.  After we got home from taking Nick to school, we took care of our chores, did some quick house straightening up and waited for some friends to come over.  We turned on coverage of the eclipse and used our eclipse glasses to go out and view it a few times.  We also did an eclipse craft.

We are not yet up to a full schedule and probably won't have all of our subjects added until the week after the fair (the fair starts a week from Monday!)

Christian working with a stubborn goat

Bible:  We read through chapter 3 in the book of Luke.

Geography: In this week's Let's Go Geography lesson we learned about Hawaii.  We labeled the 8 major Islands, read facts about Hawaii, watched some YouTube videos about Hawaii (they were especially fascinated watching the erupting volcano), and did a coloring sheet about green sea turtles.

History:  We started lesson 2 in America's Story on Leif Erickson.

Science:  This week we studied about Thomas Jefferson, Galileo, George Stevenson, and Thomas Edison in our Greatest Inventors lapbook.

Math:  Lily, Christian, and Anthony completed 3 lessons in Math Lessons for a Living Education.

Spelling/Reading: Emmie has been using her Phonics Museum App working on a few lessons a day.  She also completed lessons 8 and 9 in All About Reading Level One.  The boys completed Step 11 in All About Spelling Level 4.  Lily completed lessons 31, 32, 33, and 34 in All About Reading Level 3. 

Alex 8th Grade - Monarch from AOP-In History Alex is learning about the Explorers.  He did lessons called when East meets West and Spain's Treasure Hunt.  In Language Arts his lessons were on using nouns and personal pronouns.  In science his lessons have been on Methods of a Scientist and in math he completed lessons on properties of real numbers and exponents.

Nick 10th Grade- In Nick's Robotics Course at the public school they took apart computers and put them back together.  They also did computer coding this week.  He completed lesson 2 in Math U See Algebra 2, completed lesson 4 in Total Health, is approaching the end of unit one in Marine Biology and completed the second week's lessons in Notgrass World History. 

We did not have any outside activities during the week this week and I was thankful!  During Nick's class we were able to go to the park for 3 of the days and walk on the walking trail and play on the playground.  We have a really nice park and the weather was pretty all but one day that was pouring down rain.  We went to church so I could work on some Kid's Club stuff that day.
Anthony had just found a painted rock

Lily found a painted rock and then hid it again

It was only 71 degrees that morning so Emmie was cold!

Saturday our chickens had to get blood tested for the fair.  Right after that the boys had a 4H Stem club meeting.  I was not feeling well so Art took them and there are no photos.  Later that afternoon Nick and Alex had to be dropped off to go to a Christian concert with our church youth group.

My pretty sunflowers

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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