Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, August 5, 2017

4 H Healthy Snacks and STEM Workshops

This week we had two 4 H workshops.

Thursday was the Healthy Snacks workshop.  The children learned about what's on a "healthy plate" and learned about what types of foods are found in each food group.  Then they were split up into groups and rotated through the different food stations.  They made: ice cream in a bag, English muffin pizzas, fruit kabobs, vegetable pictures, and little mice made out of graham crackers, strawberries, string cheese, almonds, and cream cheese.  Nick and Alex were in charge of the fruit kabob station.

The children all got a bag to take home with a "healthy plate" plate, jump rope, Frisbee, stickers and tattoos, and some recipes.

Friday morning was the STEM workshop.  We made magnetic slime that ended up not being as magnetic as we though it would but was still fun to play with (super messy though!) We also built and raced solar powered cars.  Each group got to make a car (not to keep they had to be sent back), and then we raced the cars against each other.  Nick's group won all of the races. All of the cars did actually move which was very impressive!

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