Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

10th Grade Curriculum Choices for the 2017/2018 School Year

This year is going to bring a few changes for Nick.  Last year, a change was made in the Tim Tebow Law in the state of Arkansas.  When this law first passed allowing homeschoolers to participate in extra curricular activities at a public school, it had to be in the district that you lived in.  This year the change was made that you can choose the school whose activities you want to participate in if both superintendents (your district and the district you want to go to) agree. We live in one district, but attend church and do all of our activities in the town in another district.  The district that we live in does not have a soccer team, but the other district started one last year.  Nick played soccer from the time he was 4 until he aged out of park soccer at 14 and  has really missed playing.  I was so thankful that the law was changed because I was praying for a way for him to be able to play on the soccer again.  One of the conditions of him playing is that he will have to be in school for one class period per day.  For the fall semester he will be taking Robotics I and II and in the spring semester he will be taking Track as his class. Soccer practices will start some time in January. He will not be able to compete in any games until next school year, but he will be able to practice with the team this year. 

So Nick will earn 1 credit in Robotics and 1 credit for Track.  In addition to those classes he will be taking:

Apologia Marine Biology (1 credit)
Math U See Algebra II (1 credit)
Total Health (1/2 credit)
Notgrass Exploring World History- This course will be worth 3 credits.  He will earn 1 credit in Bible, 1 credit in World Literature, and 1 credit in World History.

Our school year starts bright and early Monday morning!

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