Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 7, 2017

March Nature Seekers 4 H Meeting

For our March meeting, my plans had to change a few times.  Our original plan was to do a bank tour, but it worked out that it would be better to wait and do that in the summer when we could go in the morning instead of trying to squeeze it in quickly before the bank closed.  With spring break in March and several other things going on, I ended up having to push back the meeting date a week and change my program plans.  So our meeting ended up in April instead of March.  I am going to try to get one more meeting in at the end of the month if it works out.

We went to the park and did an outdoor activity.  The idea was to pretend that you just landed on this planet and you were supposed to investigate the plant and animal life so you could describe the planet to someone else.  I found some bug catching kits at Dollar Tree and bought a few of those to catch and observe insects (with warnings to not try and catch anything that would sting!) I also brought some crayons and paper to do some leaf and bark rubbings when looking at plant life.  I thought about doing a nature collage but we have done that before and we have also done a nature scavenger hunt several times and did not want to do that again.  It was a pretty day, bright and sunny but a bit windy.

Our president did a great job presiding over the meeting.  Our vice president read the minutes for the last meeting and the treasurer gave the financial report.  Lily led the Pledge of Allegiance and Emmie led the 4 H Pledge.  Anthony made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Christian took some of the pictures. We had 8 members at this meeting.

The children were very into the bug collecting.  They caught ants. moths, beetles, ladybugs, flies, and Alex caught a bee (so much for not catching stinging bugs!) We walked the nature trail as we were looking for insects and at the plant life.  We saw some pretty birds along the way.

They were so into looking for bugs we did not talk about plants very much. We did collect some leaves at the end of the walk and did some leaf rubbings.  I did not get any photos of that.  We also talked about the different ways they would describe this part of our planet.

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