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Our Family

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 30

I am starting this post with some random things from this week.  Our chicks are doing well and are about 10 days old.  They have grown a lot of feathers on their wings and have started to get tail feather.  They figured out how to get to the perch the boys put in their cage.

We purchased two more rabbits this week.  We had a few die last year (one we had had for almost 6 years.)  The children wanted something besides the New Zealands that most people raise around here for meat.  We were able to find a mini lop and rex right down the road from us.  The lady that sold them to us had a ton of rabbits and more breeds of rabbits then I have ever seen in one place before. I wished I had taken my phone in there with us (it was in the van) because she even had a Flemish giant and took it out of the cage to show the kids.  It was huge!  The new bunnies names are Snowball and Droopy.

Anthony made a constellation of Orion from this month's Tinker Crate.

Alex got up Saturday morning and asked if he could use some tools in the shop to make a knife.  He has been interested in knives for a long time and has several pocket knives.  He watched some YouTube videos and worked on the blade most of the day. 

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 30

P.E.: I've created monsters!  They wanted to run every day this week (except for one child that prefers not to do any physical activity at all) so we did.

Bible: We finished reading the book of Matthew earlier then planned so we moved on to start reading the book of Mark.

Poetry: Continued working on Fog by Carl Sandburg.  Lily wrote a poem a few weeks ago that I forgot to share.  It is called I Love to Write a Poem

I am writing this poem because it is mine.
I am good at checking the clock ,
I am good at checking the time.
I love to play a board game,
I play one all the time.
I will say this once or twice,
I am writing this poem because it is nice.

Read Aloud: We finished reading Kingdom Tales for our morning read aloud.  We are still reading the Shepherd, Potter, Spy, and the Star Namer in the afternoon.  I think we have 16 chapters left.  In the evening we are reading the Search for Everyman.

E.C.C: We started and finished Australia this week.  In the science portion we read about coral reefs.

History: We watched four episodes of Drive Thru History and completed our timeline and lapbook of Passport Ancient Greece.  I feel bad that we didn't do any other projects to go with this study but we just didn't get to them.

There is a mini book missing from this page.  We made it, I just don't know where it went!

Art: We did an ArtAchieve Lesson on the Elephant from Ghana.

Language Arts: Lily did 3 lessons in Eclectic Foundations B.  Christian and Anthony completed 3 lessons in Readers in Residence.

Spelling/Reading: The boys completed Step 6 in AAS Level 4.  I did not do AAR with Lily this week.

Math: Nick is on the last lesson of MUS Geometry.  Alex completed 4 lessons in Teaching Textbooks 7.  The others completed 4 lessons in MLFLE.

Nature Study: Our nature study topic was caterpillars.

MFW Creation from A to Z: Emmie finished the unit on R for Rock.

Other Activities this Week:

Monday was the 4 H Egg and Dairy contest.  Soccer was cancelled because fields were wet.

Tuesday was gymnastics and youth.  Soccer was cancelled because the fields were wet.

Wednesday was Kid's Club.

Thursday was soccer.  Both games were supposed to be at 6, but one was postponed, so Christian played at 6 and Alex at 7.  Art had his last Thursday night class for his job.  I am so glad he will be getting home before 9:00 pm on Thursday nights now.

Friday we met some friends at the park to play and had lunch there. Afterwards we went grocery shopping and that night was our usual Pizza and a movie.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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