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Our Family

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 27

I am supposed to be working on a review (or 2) or folding some laundry, but instead I am writing this wrap up.  I will get back to the other stuff a little later....

Anyway we had a busy week! School, soccer, banquets, birthday, and appointments.  I'm not sure we got as much school done as I thought we would, but we accomplished a lot!

Week 27 in our Homeschool

P.E.: We did 2 days of Family Time Fitness and one day of yoga.

Bible: In Window on the World we read about Japan.  Our memory verse for this week was Matthew 22: 37b-38.  Our Bible reading was from Matthew 22: 15-46.

Read Aloud: We read 4 chapters in Gladys Aylward for our morning read aloud. In the afternoon we read 4 chapters of Shepherd, Potter, Spy, and the Star Namer.  In the evening we read several chapters of The Quest for Seven Castles.

Poetry: We continued working on Rebecca, Who Slammed Doors for Fun, and Perished Miserably, by Hilaire Belloc. This is a long poem and is going to take several weeks for us to memorize.

E.C.C: This week we started working on Japan.  We added Japan to our map and went over all of the countries we have learned so far.  We read about Japan in Children's Atlas of God's World and A Trip Around the World, and completed our John 3:16 page.  We also made some Origami Animals.  In the science portion we read about fish, the shoreline, and the depths of the ocean.  We also did a cold water experiment.

History: We completed one stop in passport Ancient Greece on the Greco Persian War.  We also watched two episodes of Drive Through History, The Gospels.

Art: We did an art project from ArtAchieve on the Swedish Dala Horse.

Language Arts: Lily completed 3 lessons in Eclectic Foundations B.  Anthony and Christian completed lessons 2-4 in Reader's in Residence.  One of their assignments was to create a front and back cover for a story of their own.  I love their creativity!

Spelling/Reading: Anthony and Christian completed steps 1 and 2 in  All About Spelling Level 4.  Lily completed lesson 21 in All About Reading Level 3. 

Math: I have discovered that one of the disadvantages to having a curriculum grade for you is when you have a child that gets stressed over their number grade. I really do not do grades until high school, so this is the first time he has had to deal with that.  I honestly do not care about what they score, I just want to make sure they understand the material. We can repeat a lesson as often as we need to so they understand. I had thought that Teaching Textbooks was going to be a great fit for him and now I am second guessing that decision.  Do we try it again next year or look for something else. Oh the agony of having to make tough curriculum choices!!

Alex completed 2 lessons in Teaching Textbooks 7.  Lily and Emmie completed 4 lessons in Math Lessons for a Living Education.  One of Lily's lessons was on graphing and I was glad to see that.  Many math programs do not teach it until the older grades but it is very understandable at younger ages too.  Anthony and Christian completed 3 lessons in MLFLE. Nick completed lesson 26 in Math U See Geometry.

Nature Study: Maybe next week?

Digital Savvy: The boys completed chapter 3.

MFW Creation from A to Z: Emmie continued the unit on "K" for Kangaroo.  She did a math page, blend ladder page, cut and paste page, and made her kangaroo badge.

AAH and God's Design in Nature: Nick finished All American History Vol II. I am going to give him a test on it this week and then he will be done with history for the year.  He has a few books to finish up to go along with this. Right now he is working on The Red Badge of Courage. In science he has stopped following the schedule and is reading ahead and then going back and finishing the activities.

Other Activities this Week:

Monday they cancelled soccer games because we had a lot of rain on Sunday.

Tuesday we had gymnastics and then ate at the park.  Nick went on over to church for youth (our church is across the street from the park.)

Tuesday's soccer games were chaos.  There apparently was a lot of confusion when Mondays games were cancelled and postponed to Friday.  Some people thought that meant that all games were cancelled for the week until Friday, but they weren't.  So Alex's team was supposed to play at 6, but at 6 we only had 6 kids and no coach.  The other team was all there. The other coach was ok with playing 6 on 6 ( you are supposed to play 8) so I coached the first half of the game with the help of another parent.  In the mean time we got ahold of the coach and he got there by half time.

Christian was supposed to play at 7.  No coach.  Only 3 kids from his team.  The other team was all there.  So we had to forfeit the game (it counted as a loss) but the kids wanted to play so we borrowed some kids from another team and a coach.  Finally got ahold of our coach who made it there by half time.

Wednesday we had Kid's Club and Anthony had Confirmation.
Christian planted this acorn in the stones on the playground and it grew!

Thursday Chelsea had a doctor appointment and Christian and Alex both played at 6. 

Friday we did our shopping and errands in the morning and then the 4 H Achievement Banquet was Friday night.

Saturday was Christian's birthday.  We went to the movies and did some shopping while we were in the big city.  We ate pizza and had cake.  Christian is such a sweet and thankful boy and he said he had a wonderful birthday.

Sunday Sunday School, Church, and VBS meeting, then youth for Nick and Alex later on in the day.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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