Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Virtual Fridge: Winter Cabin

I am very excited that we have an opportunity to review Creating a Masterpiece.  Our art projects over the next several weeks will all be coming from that site.  Since I do not have any art supply stores anywhere close by, I decided to order my supplies form Dick Blick.  Creating a Masterpiece made that very easy by linking all of their supplies for each project to Dick Blick and all I had to do was add them to my cart.  But, shipping takes time and mine are not scheduled to arrive until next Monday.  So for this week's lesson we had to choose something that we had the basic supplies for.

I had plenty of oil pastels and white paper so we did Winter Cabin from the Beginner's Level. Emmie hurt her foot right before we were getting ready to start (she stepped on a thorn outside), so she did not participate. Instead she was on the couch with her cure for everything, a wash cloth and an ice pack. 

My children are very logical and realistic.  As we were working through this project, they really didn't "get" why we were putting pink and blue in the picture in the sky and trees.  I told them to keep working and it would all look good when they were finished. I was working along with them and did not take many pictures.  The project took us around an hour to complete.

Christian (9) is top left, Lily (7) is beside Christian, Anthony (11) is bottom left and mine is bottom right.

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