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Our Family

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 21

We had to miss another day of school this week because of dentist appointments.  I am not sure that we have had a full week of school since the new year! But we still manage to get quite a bit accomplished during the time we have and if we don't get to everything, there is always next week!

Week 21 in our Homeschool

Bible: In Windows on the World we read about Saudi Arabia and Islam.  Our memory verse was Matthew 6:33.  Our Bible reading was Matthew 16:5-17:13.

P.E.: We did 3 lessons in Family Time Fitness.

Read Aloud: We finished David Livingstone and read 3 chapters of Amy Carmichael for our morning read aloud.  In the afternoon we read Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine.  For our evening read aloud we are still reading The Green Ember.

Poetry: We are working on memorizing Psalm 8.

E.C.C: This week we started Saudi Arabia.  We read a few pages in the Classroom Atlas and Children's Atlas of God's World.  We read some facts about Saudi Arabia on Trip Around the World.  We also completed the John 3:16 page.  We reviewed the locations of all of the countries we have been working on this year.  In the science portion we read about Man's Impact on the Environment, Endangered Species, and Extinction.

History: We completed 2 stops in Passport Ancient Greece.

Art: We did Creating a Masterpiece Winter Cabin.  The art supplies I ordered came in and we will be doing the Cardinal next week.

Language Arts:  Lily did 4 lessons in Eclectic Foundations Level B (upcoming review.)  I really like this so far.  The reading is under her ability but I chose this level because of the grammar lessons and it introduces cursive.  The boys read a poem and attempted to write one.  Anthony did fine with this Christian did not. Lily wrote one just because. They also wrote sentences using different homophones.

Spelling/Reading:  In All About Spelling Level 3 the boys finished Step 22.  In AAR Level 4 the finished lesson 55 .  In AAR Level 3 Lily finished lessons 16 and 17 .

Math:  Nick completed lesson 20 in MUS Geometry.  Alex completed 4 lessons in Teaching Textbooks 7 and Anthony, Lily, and Christian completed 4 lessons in Math Lessons for a Living Education.  I am planning on talking about our experiences with this curriculum more in depth in a blog post soon.  Christian and Anthony are also still working on Times Alive.

MFW Creation from A to Z:  Emmie finished the lesson "h" for horse.  We read Fritz and the Beautiful Horses, blend ladder page, and cut and paste page.  This week Emmie corrected her "l" sound completely on her own!  When we were working on the "c" sound I mentioned to her that next we were going to practice l saying "l" instead of "y" like she says it.  I didn't say anything else about it.  One day this week she came downstairs and was saying "Lily" instead of "Yiye."  I was very excited!  She went back to the old way a few times but after I reminded her she could say it correctly.  I am very thankful it is corrected.  Speech issues can be so frustrating.  She still needs to work on her "c" but it is getting better.

Nature Study:  Our nature study this week was on earthworms.

All American History and God's Design in Science: In AAH Nick finished lessons 11,12, and 13.  In God's Design in Nature he finished through Chapter 8 worksheet 2.

Other Activities this Week:

Tuesday the girls had gymnastics.

After we went to the park and Nick had youth.
Chelsea brought her dog to the park.

Wednesday we had Kids Club.
Lily acting in the story of the Good Samaritan she played the part of the wounded man.

Thursday the children had a dentist appointment.  This is an all day affair.  We have to leave at 9:00 in the morning to be at a 10:30 appointment.  It only takes around 45 minutes for all of their teeth to get cleaned.  Everyone was cavity free for which I was very thankful!  Afterwards we went to Chuck E Cheese and did some shopping while we were in the "big city."  We grabbed groceries too and McFlurries on the way home.  We did not get back home til almost 5.

Friday We had Book Club at the library.  The children talked about the books that they read and we made bookmarks and bead necklaces.  Since our homeschool group did not have any kind of Valentine's Party this year, we exchanged Valentine's with the children that came to book club.

Afterwards we went to the park.  We were going to make another craft but it was super windy that day and could not.  The children enjoyed playing anyway. 

Saturday I had a meeting at church.

Sunday After Sunday School and church the youth had a Valentine's Lunch.  And the 4 H cookie and bread contest is tomorrow so the children are busily baking this afternoon.

Last week-end the children came in talking about this big rabbit that was in our yard.  I thought they had seen a wild rabbit, but they said it was big and fat and didn't care if people got close to it.  Turns out it wasn't a wild rabbit.  We have no idea where it came from but we put it in a cage and are feeding it.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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