Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 3, 2015

4 H Food Explorers Workshop

Yesterday was another fun 4 H summer workshop!  So far this summer we have made worm condos and participated in a Nature Walk and Talk Workshop.  Yesterday we had a great time at the Food Explorers Work Shop.

We started off the workshop doing some ice breaker activities.  The children all sat in a circle and had to say their name and their favorite food when they caught a stuffed vegetable that was thrown their way.  Then they had to say their favorite fruit or vegetable the next time around.  We discussed my plate and the types of foods that go in each category.  Each child got a food card and they had to say what category it went in.

The next activity was fitness.  We had a wheel with different activities.  The child spun the wheel and we did things like: stretching up and  touching our toes, marching in place, jogging in place, jumping jacks, lunges, and bar bell lifting (minus the bar bells.)

Next was a hand washing activity.  The children got oil and cinnamon put on their hands and they had to go wash it off.

After that we split them up into 5 groups and they rotated through the snack stations.  They got to make a snack at each station and then eat it when they were finished.  We made: ice cream in a bag, fruit kabobs, butterfly trail mix, lady bug crackers, and caterpillar roll ups.

Nicholas served as teen leader helper and was in charge of the butterfly trail mix station.

I was the photographer and I took a ton of pictures on the 4 H iPad but apparently not so many on my own camera.

We had a great time at the workshop!

The next summer workshop is a sewing workshop and Lily is still too young to participate.  We will find a simple sewing project for her to do for the fair and work on it at home.  After that one, there is a photography workshop that Anthony will be participating in and then a science workshop that all of the children will be participating in.
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