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Our Family

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our Week in Review (July 20-25)

Monday was blazing hot.  We did have archery although we only shot for an hour while we still had a pretty good amount of shade.  I am quite impressed with how well the boys are shooting and how much they have improved since we started.  Tuesday and Wednesday were just ordinary days that didn't have anything exciting going on.  Thursday we had our July 4 H Meeting.  The children seemed to enjoy the activities that I prepared.

Friday we cleaned house and had pizza and a movie.  After the movie the children wanted to swim.  When we came in from swimming Art walked past our thermostat and noticed the temperature in the house was 4 degrees above what it was supposed to be.  The fan motor on our A/C unit is broken! The part is ordered but it will be a few days until it can be fixed.  Until then I am very thankful for ceiling fans!!! And that we had a window A/C unit that we used for camping that is keeping upstairs fairly cool.  It's been around 100 outside and we are holding around 86 degrees in the house.  We will be grilling, using the crockpot or eating sandwiches this week!

Saturday was Anthony's birthday!  My sweet boy is 10 years old!  For his birthday he wanted to decorate his own cupcakes. I got up before 6 Saturday morning to bake them (before it got too hot) and then he decorated them with red and white frosting and sprinkles and arranged them in an Avengers sign.

I was babysitting for a friend on Saturday.  My children loved having company over and they asked if we could keep the baby.  They have missed having a baby in the house.

They enjoyed cupcakes with us but I did not give any to the baby :)

For his birthday supper Anthony asked for Pizza Hut so the girls and I drove to town and picked up pizza.  He loved his gifts and said it was the best day of the year!

We picked some cantaloupe from our garden this week.  It was really good!

In our homeschool this week we completed stops 16 and 17 in Passport Ancient Egypt.  In AAR Level 2 Christian and Anthony completed Lessons 29 and 30.  I have set up an award system for them to encourage them to read more on their own in their spare time.  Also, I put a new ebook on their Kindle along with the audible version and with that immersion reading it highlights the words in the ebook while the audiobook is being read.  I think that is fantastic and need to get them some earbuds so they can listen to those at night.

Lillian finished her study on the human body and is working on First Start Reading.

Emelia only had two days of Horizons preschool this week.  One day she was just too cranky in the afternoon to do school (she had fallen down and hurt herself and she just really wanted to snuggle and watch a show), and the other day I was too tired after the 4 h meeting and errands.

Nick started working on a new review of Sharon Watson's new literature curriculum, When Worlds Collide.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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