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Our Family

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our Week In Review (July 13-18)

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Alex went to his first state 4 H camp this week.  The theme was Crime Scene Investigation and it was for ages 9-12.  It was a 3 day camp.  They got to Little Rock at 9 am on Monday and arrived back home at 5 pm on Wednesday.  They had activities scheduled all day long each day including CSI workshops, recreation activities, and evening camp fires.  It was hot with temperatures around 100 but they made sure the children drank lots of water. He had a GREAT time and can't wait to go to another camp!

Our 4 H Program Assistant was there and texted me some pictures.

The rest of us had a pretty quiet week.  We did run some errands on Wednesday and had some friends come over to play on Friday.

Saturday the girls and I went to the summer program they are having at the library.  They got to meet a police officer and his drug dog Rico.  They also got to make some crafts and got a snack and a goodie bag with some fun things in it.

This week in our homeschool, Emelia started Preschool!  She was quite excited.  I wasn't sure what i was going to do for preschool for her when an opportunity to review Horizons Preschool came up.  It arrived on Monday afternoon and when I opened the box and told Emelia it would be for her, she grabbed a piece of paper and showed me that she knew how to write her name which in her head mean that she was old enough to have her own schoolwork.  We got started on the preschool curriculum on Tuesday and so far she is loving it!

I am working on a unit study with Lily, Christian, and Anthony about the human body.  We did the digestive system and respiratory system this week.

I also have Lily working on First Start Reading that we reviewed a few months ago.  We have gone back to it for now until September when she will start All About Reading Level 1.

In our Project Passport Ancient Egypt study we have completed through step 15.  This week we made a diorama of a temple and made a model of a shaduf.  My review will be posting this week, but we will continue working on the study until it is finished.

Christian and Anthony finished lesson 28 in AAR Level 2 and started Lesson 29.  Nick is still slowly working his way through Cursive Logic.  He will be starting a review of When Worlds Collide a brand new literature program by Sharon Watson.

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